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Maybe not the best PR photo

Posting a photo of one of your planes broken in two and burned to a crisp on your homepage is generally not one of the steps in the airline public relations expert’s damage control plan, but Henan Airlines, which saw 42 of its customers die on Tuesday when one of their Embraers crashed in China, has done exactly that.

More via  NYCAviation.com

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“Knock, knock.” “Who’s there?” “Turkey”

Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo at Cincinnati Zoo

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They’re out there, blocking traffic, invading front porches, hiking the banks of the South Platte and the Poudre rivers in Greeley.

Wild turkeys. Maybe wild and crazy turkeys, judging from their recent behavior.

Early Wednesday morning, two turkeys stopped traffic along 5th Street in east Greeley, challenging the drivers and sometimes block-

ing the road as people drove to work.

In addition to stopping traffic, the turkeys are getting more bold. Recently, one east Greeley family reported a turkey knocking on their front door. They called animal control officers.

More via  Greeley Tribune.

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Truly dumb crooks

A store full of police officers didn’t deter two men from stealing items from a southeast Portland Fred Meyer, officers said.

Portland police said 20-year-old Shane Alexander and 30-year-old Jason Vantress took shoes, clothes, tools and blenders from the Johnson Creek Fred Meyer Store on Southeast 82nd Avenue on Wednesday morning during the seventh annual Shop with a Cop event.

Dozens of police cars and mounted patrol units were in the parking lot the morning of the incident.

via Cops Stop Shoplifting Suspects At Charity Event – Portland News Story – KPTV Portland.

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