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Curse you, politicians!

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Politician(s) in Romania have scrapped plans to introduce a tax on fortune tellers, witches and psychics… because they feared they could be cursed.

Officials in the economically struggling country had planed to start taxing witches in a bid to raise more money.

But despite drafting new laws – which would have also held psychics liable for wrong predictions – the politicians in Romania’s senate bottled it at the last minute.

via Odd News | newslite.tv.

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Awww. Isn’t that tweet?

Cocker spaniel Flint could easily have had this cheeky little chick for dinner – but decided to befriend him instead.The orphaned baby sparrow looked in big trouble after he tumbled from his nest into Greg Larcombe’s back garden.Yet rather than attack, patient Flint simply played with his tiny feathered friend, dubbed Chicky by Greg’s excited children.

More via  The Sun |News.

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