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Milwaukee; tough town

A US parking (enforcement officer) has been criticized – for issuing a ticket to a hearse parked outside a funeral service.

The woman issued ($40) tickets to the hearse, another funeral director’s car and the vehicles of several mourners.

The incident, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was witnessed by Jim Stingl, a journalist on the local Journal-Sentinel newspaper.

The cars were parked outside a brewery where the funeral service for local businessman Bill Penzey was being held.

Mr Stingl says that mourners told the traffic warden that the vehicles were there for a funeral.

“You are not ticketing a hearse, are you?” one asked. “It’s parked illegally,” the traffic warden reportedly replied.

via Orange UK.

The tickets were later canceled.


October 1, 2010 - Posted by | Dumb Bureaucrats, Dumb cops

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