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Crime tip: Don’t wear your cool baggy pants.

Casinos have been operating in Pennsylvania for a few years, but it wasn’t until gambling came to Philadelphia that a patron leaving with a wad of cash caught the eye of some enterprising – and ultimately bumbling – criminals.

At least three men followed a man who had won about $2,000 at the SugarHouse Casino all the way to his home in New Jersey on Saturday morning, authorities said.

Two of the men then jumped the 26-year-old, cracking him in the skull with a handgun. The attackers got nothing for their effort, partly because the victim wrestled one to the ground and another “tripped over his baggy pants” and fell down, according to Cinnaminson police.

via Casino winner fights off attack near home | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/19/2010.

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Can ghosts get library cards?

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood library, who ya gonna call?The Scottsdale Public Library called ghost hunters Sonoran Paranormal Investigations Inc. to check out its Arabian and Civic Center branches to see whether they are haunted.

Scottsdale library paranormal activities”I’ve had books fly at me, so I’ve seen it. I mean, you’re just standing there. You just say, ‘OK, it’s because I walked by.’ You always justify what it is,” librarian Colleen Gorman said.

via Scottsdale libraries investigated by ghost hunters.

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