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Weather forecasting by pig spleen.

This (weather prediction) method according to the (Old Farmer’s) almanac, was devised by Gus Wickstrom of Tompkins, Saskatchewan. Every six months when Wickstrom slaughtered a pig, he carefully studied the animal’s spleen using a method passed down from his father.

Old Gus divided the spleen into six areas, each representing one month. The top section represented the current month and the bottom one the end of that six-month period.

“Where the spleen thickens, a change in the weather is indicated, usually pointing to a cold spell,” according to the almanac’s website. “Where there is a pronounced bulge, expect even more inclement weather.” Gus could even determine wind and rain variations from the spleen’s shape and size.

More via  Bangor Daily News

Probably as good a way as some of the “science” on which global warming is predicated.


January 2, 2011 - Posted by | animals, Global warming, weather

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