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“Snackify” and “Drinkify.” Really?

Feel like chewing your food is just too much work? PepsiCo knows exactly what you’re going through, so they’re taking all those annoying fruits that you’d otherwise have to bite into and ‘drinkifying’ them into semi-liquid goop.

And it gets worse.PepsiCo’s new ‘Tropolis’ purées take real fruit, smash it to a pulp, add a bunch of sugar, and package it in a squeezable pouch. Instead of calling it a beverage, they’re calling it a snack, effectively putting an end to solid foods.


Isn’t Corporate-Speak wonderful? Snackify and drinkify. Amazingly dumb terminology. Is anyone old enough to remember cold fruit soups and how they were going to take over the world? They lasted less than six months in the stores.

January 4, 2011 Posted by | Dumb Stuff, Food | Comments Off on “Snackify” and “Drinkify.” Really?