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UFO lets its’ little light shine

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UFO activity in the United States continues to be reported by alert witnesses nationwide, such as this report of an encounter January 24, 2011, submitted by a witness in a rural North Carolina residential area that included “a soft light” that “encompassed” the witness’ vehicle for “approximately 3-5 seconds.”


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Maybe an occasional cleaning might be in order…

Vacaville Fire Department officials are blaming pigeons for the collapse of a gas station awning Monday that nearly struck a woman who had just finished filling her tank.

(A) Vacaville resident…had stopped at Quick Way Gas located in the 400 block of Merchant Street when a quarter of the station’s metal roofing came thundering down next to her under the weight of several inches of bird droppings.

via Inside Bay Area.

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UPDATE: Missing endangered child FOUND

This is Chad Stilson and he is missing in the Springville, Utah, area. Chad is 12 years old and has been missing since January 22. If you have seen him, or think you have,  please contact the Springville Utah Police Department at 800-491-5525.

Chad is a cousin of Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters. Let’s get behind this and help find Chad. For more information go to THIS LINK.

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