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There’s something really creepy about this…

A British local council is planning to use excess energy from a crematorium incinerator to heat one of its swimming pools, it emerged today, but critics slammed the proposals as “sick”.

The council in Redditch, a town near Birmingham in central England, said the measure would help reduce its carbon footprint.

via Crematorium to heat swimming pool | News.com.au.

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Now the little gray men, and their tan kin, have gone too far…

First they were buzzing around in our skies in saucers, tubes, triangles and spheres. Then they started shining lights down on places and people. Then they started abducting folks for amusing, to them, experiments. Then they started doing surgeries on cattle. Ok. I’m a patient person (well, sort of) and can put up with a few little quirks, but now they have gone too far and are taking baths in our tubs! Or at least in this tub. Time for ET to go home.


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Looking for your Mummy? Try Fairfield, Texas

KPRC has announced that residents in Fairfield, Texas are living in fear ever since a figure, which has been described as a “mummy,” began rearing its head in their neighborhood.

Cypress homeowner Jon Hill — who called the police after claiming to have seen the entity in the front yard of his home on Chestnut Falls Drive in Fairfield — which is located in Cypress — described the being:

“(It had) bandages, like a mummy. He looked like a mummy. It’s scary not knowing what this man is up to or what he wants.”

via IS A MUMMY ON THE LOOSE IN TEXAS? | American Monsters.

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You never call! I’m going to sue!

National emblem of the People's Republic of China

Image via Wikipedia

On the eve of the Lunar New Year festival, when Chinese flood train stations, bus terminals and airports to reunite with loved ones, one Chinese ministry is proposing that the government mandate closer families.

Under a proposal submitted Monday by the Civil Affairs Ministry to China’s State Council, adult children would be required by law to regularly visit their elderly parents. If they do not, parents can sue them.

via CharlotteObserver.com.

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Well, there goes half the TV audience…

Is a Super Bowl without cheerleaders — at Cowboys Stadium, no less — pure heresy?

One of the league’s major marketing tools — the sideline sex appeal of young women wearing revealing outfits and performing enticing dance routines — will be on hiatus in Super Bowl XLV.

Sunday’s game featuring the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers will be the first Super Bowl without cheerleaders since Super Bowls I and II, NFL Films President Steve Sabol said Wednesday.

Six teams don’t use official cheerleaders, including the Packers and Steelers. “We don’t need eye candy,” the Steelers’ Trai Essex said, laughing.

via USATODAY.com.

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Check, Mate!

James Madison, Fourth President (1809-1817)

Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr

Archaeologists have unearthed a few pieces of history at former president James Madison’s country estate: portions of two pawns from his chess set.

Montpelier officials think the pieces are likely from the same set Madison and Thomas Jefferson used in their frequent matches during Jefferson’s visits.Archaeologists recently discovered the pawns during an ongoing excavation at the fourth president’s central Virginia estate.

Montpelier archaeology director Matthew Reeves calls the pieces a treasure that reflects Madison’s intellectual pursuits and social life.

More via  wtop.com.

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