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“After careful review…”

The owner of a family van was surprised to receive a ticket in the mail from police in the southern Italian town of Oria accusing him of driving 1230 km/h 764 MPH. The Lizzanello resident had been driving his Fiat Doblo on the SS7 in the province of Brindisi on November 6 and weeks later received a letter demanding that he pay 165 euros US $223.

Italian tickets allow a five percent tolerance to account for the possibility of error. At 1230 km/h, the motorist exceeded the 90 km/h 56 MPH speed limit with an adjusted velocity of 1078 km/h 669 MPH, according to the notice signed by two officers view ticket. Oria police insist that the camera managed by the private firm Sodi Scientifica SpA is perfectly accurate. Officials blamed the incident “clerical error” in a statement issued Thursday.

via Italy:  764 MPH Ticket | The Truth About Cars

A great example of the care taken by a police agency to review and evaluate the results of camera enforcement of traffic laws. The officers involved should be disciplined but it’s unlikely that will happen unles it is for making their department the butt of internet ridicule.

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