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Feeding ant killer to a kid that ate ants is not generally accepted practice

Do not store chemicals in soft drink bottles, do not leave nicotine chewing gum near children, and do not give your child ant-killer if they have just eaten ants.

These are some of the tips from the Dunedin-based National Poisons Centre, which receives about 35,000 calls, and thousands more internet inquiries, each year.

But ant-killer?

“Yes,” said office manager Lucy Shieffelbien. Staff once received a call from a mother who was so concerned about “ants jiggling inside” her child, she fed them ant-killer.

via Otago Daily Times Online News

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The Big Bang Theory of bank robbery

Brooksville (Florida) Police are searching for two men who used a hand grenade to rob a Chase Bank Monday morning.

Investigators say the men went into the bank at 7170 Broad Street and threatened to throw the grenade unless they got money.

via Spring Hill-Brooksville News.

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Mow ‘em down, Bro!

Did you know that the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association is “the nation’s oldest and largest national lawn mower racing sanctioning body”? Yep, it goes all the way back to 1992, so it’s venerable indeed. The “sport” itself is not much older, having been created in a pub circa 1973 by some British louts with too much time on their hands.

More via  Mother Nature Network.

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Not the best place to park your big rig

An 18-wheel truck pulling an empty water tank is hanging precariously off an interstate ramp in Fort Worth after a predawn crash, and three people have been rescued from the wreck.

via Three rescued

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Turns out that DIY barcodes are frowned on

A Palm Bay (Florida) man was rolling back his own prices at a Walmart in Fort Pierce after he used pre-made bar code stickers to purchase DVDs and some Lego sets for a discounted rate, police said.

via WPBF West Palm Beach.

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Let’s see now…which one of these thingies makes this thing fly?

India’s fake pilot scandal began unravelling when a female captain landed her packed airliner on the nose instead of the rear wheels as she touched down in the holiday hotspot of Goa…

The case set alarm bells ringing for passengers, anxious about the idea of a semi-trained fraud being responsible for their lives, and for airline bosses, who have been hiring crew at a furious pace in recent years.

via Yahoo! News.

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With a cluck cluck here, a cluck cluck there…

An adult male chicken, the rooster has a promi...

Image via Wikipedia

A UK man has set up a hotel for chickens to provide five-star service for pampered hens while their owners are away, a report says.

According to orange news, David Roberts, 31, came up with idea for the Chicken Hotel in response to the growing popularity for people to rear their own hens.

Many people thought he was joking at first but he now runs a thriving business on his farm in Helston, and has bookings as far ahead as Christmas, the report said.

via  IOL.co.za.

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There is no limit to the depth of bureaucratic stupidity

Children drawing with chalk on a Nunawading footpath have been labelled graffiti artists.Whitehorse Council has drawn the line over pre-schooler’s scribbles outside White’s Cafe in the Mt Pleasant Rd shopping strip.

Sally White, who runs the family-friendly cafe with husband PJ, said she was told by a council officer that the children’s drawings were graffiti and had to stop, after a complaint from a resident.Mrs White, who has boys aged three and four, said the cafe had allowed children to draw on the footpath of the quiet shopping strip for the past 12 months.

More via  Whitehorse Leader

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Seems like every critter in Oz is out to kill you, one way or another

Brisbane Airport

Image via Wikipedia

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has reported that a twenty seat aircraft was forced to return to the Brisbane Airport when pressure sensitive instruments failed shortly after takeoff. Turns out that the instruments were full of inch-worm caterpillars.

via  News.com.au.

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Sorry. We have a strict one robbery per day policy.

…At (a Tulsa) Papa John’s, police said a man came in the back door, robbed the restaurant and left with money, but then another robber came in the front and also demanded money.

(Tulsa Police  Sergeant) Walker said the employee told the man he can’t rob them because they were just robbed. ..

via Three pizza joints robbed late Sunday | Tulsa World.

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Want to have a little fling?

The unlucky creature had been swept off the ground and was carried around for a number of days by Madhuri, an Indian elephant. With tail firmly clamped in the animal’s trunk the lizard was swung around and occasionally put back on the (ground).

via Excogitate The Life

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Lunch anyone? A fish sandwich, maybe?

Thousands, maybe millions, of fish have been congregating along the beaches of Acapulco, Mexico, in huge schools. Locals believe the odd behavior is a result of the tsunami caused by the earthquake in Japan.  There are more pictures at the Salty Heads link below.

via  SaltyHeads.

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Only one of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers left

Navajo Code Talkers, Saipan, June 1944

Image via Wikipedia

One of the last two living members of the World War 2 Navajo Code Talkers, Lloyd Oliver, has died in Arizona. Originally there were 29 code talkers (although hundreds more from various tribes would join them before the end of the war) who communicated coded intelligence for the US armed forces in their native Navajo tongue. Thousands of messages were sent error free by these men to the complete confusion of the enemy code breakers and their work contributed immensely to the successful outcome of the war.

A moment of silence in Mr. Oliver’s memory is in order.


From Wikipedia: Code talking, however, was pioneered by Choctaw Indians serving in the U.S. Army during World War I. These soldiers are referred to as Choctaw Code Talkers. Other Native American code talkers were deployed by the United States Army during World War II, including Cherokee, Choctaw, Lakota[1] Meskwaki, and Comanche soldiers.

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Leonardo! Say it isn’t so!!

Italian researchers who specialise in resolving art mysteries said today they have discovered the disputed identity of the model for Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa – and claimed he was a man.

Silvano Vinceti, chairman of the Italian national committee for cultural heritage, said the Florence-born Renaissance artist’s male apprentice and possible lover Salai was the main inspiration for the picture.

via News.com.au

Personnel at The Louvre, where the painting hangs, beg to differ, however.

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Actually, being held against your will is what jail is about.

Police in Ohio say a man arrested on a disorderly conduct charge called 911 from jail to complain he was being held against his will.

via ToledoontheMove.com.

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Not bad for only 12 minutes of screen time…

As part of Women’s History Month, we remember Cleveland native Margaret Hamilton, aka The Wicked Witch of the West. Who can forget her green-faced villain from “The Wizard of Oz,” with those long, pointy fingers and that frightening cackle?

via  Women’s History Month | cleveland.com

Although she only had 12 minutes of screen time, who doesn’t know about the Wicked Witch of the West?

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Toasted buns?

A Huntsville woman is suing the makers of a hand warming product after she claimed the product ignited and burned her buttocks and legs, said Huntsville attorney Brent Jordon. In a statement released by Jordan, the lawsuit claims Lauren Self, of Madison, was using (the hand warmers) on Feb. 5 when she reached hand into her back pocket and the product caught fire.

via  al.com.

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Tennis, anyone?

via  Cracked.com.

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Has your marijuana been tasting different lately?

"Marijuana Cigarette"

Image via Wikipedia

Authorities in a southern Arizona city near the Mexico border have found two feces-covered bales of marijuana tied to a rope feeding into a sewer system.

Nogales police say public works employees hauled out an estimated 39 pounds of pot while investigating a clogged sewer line Wednesday.

via Yahoo! News.

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Let’s just check that site plan one more time, OK?

Bullets from a nearby gun range could doom a controversial hotel and office tower project planned on west of the Sawgrass Expressway.

A ballistics study ordered by the city concludes that bullets fired from the gun range could hit the Everglades Corporate Park with “potentially lethal velocity.”

via  South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com.

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