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What happens when a taxidermist has never seen a lion

You may be asking for trouble when you commission taxidermy work from someone who is unfamiliar with the species. That was just the case for King Frederick I of Sweden in 1731. The lion was a gift, but after it died, the pelt and bones were presented to a taxidermist who had never seen a lion. You see the result looks more like a cartoon character than the king of beasts.

via The Lion on Gripsholm’s Slott.

April 11, 2011 - Posted by | animals, Creepy, Dumb Stuff


  1. It was a crazy day at the library and this made us all laugh, thanks

    Comment by Teresa | April 11, 2011

  2. You’re welcome. I especially like the teeth.

    Comment by oldstersview | April 11, 2011

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