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No problem. Just buy narrower buses

A UK council is under fire for spending £1.5 million ($2.5 million) on a bus lane, only for drivers to find it is not wide enough for buses.

Residents of King’s Lynn in Norfolk, eastern England, branded the project “farcical” after drivers discovered they have to navigate the route at walking pace because it is so narrow, Lynn News reported.

via News.com.au.

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German politician’s career wiped out?

A German politician has been caught short after janitors collared him red-handed pilfering toilet paper rolls from the gents in the town hall during a sting operation, authorities said Wednesday.

Janitors’ suspicions were raised when more than 200 rolls vanished and they laid a trap for Frank-Michael John, 24, a member of the far-left Die Linke party in the regional council of Stralsund, northern Germany.

They discovered him exiting the toilet with one roll in his hand and another in a backpack, according to several media.

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