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Turtles but no mention of hares

Adult female Diamondback turtle being balanced...

Image via Wikipedia

Runway 4 Left at Kennedy International Airport was closed for more than an hour on Wednesday morning. The cause: turtles on the runway.

Specialists from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey removed about 100 diamondback terrapins from the runway around 10 a.m., said John P. L. Kelly, a Port Authority spokesman.

More via NYTimes.com.

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This grass really was grass

A 58-year-old man in Sweden is feeling like a dope after getting busted trying to buy marijuana.

However, police in Gavle, Sweden, let the man go after discovering that the bag of grass he bought was literally a bag of real grass. Oh, and some bark, TheLocal.se reported.

via Duped Dope Smoker

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Attn. Nigerian citizens: Beware UK con men

In what must surely be an extreme case of the pot calling the kettle black, the Nigerian government is warning its’ citizens to be wary of con men in the UK.


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Pot Head rabbits really like these greens

Dutch rabbit

Image via Wikipedia

Police in Brandenburg, who discovered a large plot of cannabis, called on the neighbouring house only to find an 84-year-old woman who had been feeding her rabbits with the plants.

“The rabbits really like it,” the woman told officers who called on her in the village of Golzow near Belzig, according to Saturday’s Tagesspiegel…

She told them that she had not grown the plants herself, but that they had simply started growing there, and had proven to be excellent rabbit food. Not only did the rabbits love eating the plants, they grew back very quickly after she cut them down, she told the investigating officers.

via The Local.

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Nessie pops her head out again

Foyers shop and cafe owner Jan Hargreaves and her husband Simon believe they caught a glimpse of Loch Ness’s most elusive resident — Nessie.

It was while taking a break on the store’s front decking — looking out to the loch — when Mrs Hargreaves and kitchen worker Graham Baine spotted an unusual figure cutting a strange shape through the water…

Despite the unidentified creature being quite a distance from their vantage point, 51-year-old Mrs Hargreaves said it had a long neck which was too long to be that of a seal and it was black in appearance.

“It went under the water and disappeared for probably 30 to 40 seconds and then came back up again,” said Mrs Hargreaves.

via Inverness Courier

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Here there be giants…

A team of anthropologists found a mysterious burial in the jungle near the city of Kigali Rwanda (Central Africa). The remains belong to gigantic creatures that bear little resemblance to humans. Head of research group believes that they could be visitors from another planet who died as a result of a catastrophe.

According to the scientists, they were buried at least 500 years ago. At first, researchers thought that they came across the remains of ancient settlements, but no signs of human life have been found nearby.

More via Latest-UFO-Sightings.

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…And more ghosts

My daughter was just taking pictures of her children larking about with her new phone, when she saw that the first photo of her two boys had a halo over both of them,’ said Sirus’s grandmother Julie Smith, 52.

‘She thought, “This isn’t right” and deleted it – and it was when she took the next picture that we noticed Sirus’s little playmate.

What was quite strange is she put it on to Facebook, and within an hour it must have had about 20 comments – but then it disappeared off the site.’

Ms Smith denies the photo is faked, insisting no one in her family has the technical know-how to mock up a forgery.

via Boy Captured with Ghost Playmate


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Godot’s Ghost?

Patrick Stewart’s claim that he witnessed an apparition while performing in Waiting for Godot at the Theatre Royal Haymarket will come as no surprise to the acting fraternity. We are used to seeing deathly-white individuals wringing their hands in ghastly torment – even if it’s just accountants scanning our tax returns.

The surprise is that it’s taken Stewart so long: there’s hardly a venue in the country that doesn’t have a resident ghost. Many of them are happy to appear twice nightly and provide their own costume into the bargain…

London theatres are bursting at the seams with spectres. The Lyceum reputedly boasts a severed head, occasionally glimpsed in one of the boxes. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane has some of the hardest working ghosts in Equity: not only the mysterious man in grey who strolls about between 6pm and 9pm, but also the ghosts of Dan Leno, Joseph Grimaldi and King Charles complete with attendants

via  guardian.co.uk

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TSA: You can’t have a bottle of water but whips are OK

The San Francisco Chronicle recently got confirmation from TSA officials that there are more items specifically allowed in carry-on luggage than you’d expect. Among them are whips, chains, handcuffs, vibrators, and other personal “toys” that don’t exceed certain measurements—in other words, they’re OK to go as long they don’t become “club-like.” Everything else seems to fall under the “Tools” category, which allows items under seven inches in length.

via San Francisco Chronicle: Carry-On Luggage

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New York City streets really are paved with gold

Hewing the border between desperation and genius, a Queens man has turned to panning for gold and diamonds in Manhattan. So far, he’s made about $850. In one week.

Raffi Stepanian, 43, is a freelance gemstone designer who realized that the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan’s Diamond District had chips of diamonds, rubies, platinum and gold that had been unwittingly carried out of its stores. By scraping the mud and debris on the street, or running slurry through a filter in the exact fashion of a California prospector, Stepanian has been able to recover enough precious metals for two sales totaling $819

via New York Post

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Three days?

A 46-year-old woman pleaded guilty Monday to hiding a stolen mink coat in her underwear…

(Stephenie) Moreland pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft of property. Police say she hid the mink coat in her underwear for three days while being questioned by police in jail.

via  CBS Minnesota.

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Montauk Monster? Yesterday. Here come the Montauk ET’s

In a year when a respected investigative journalist suggested that the Roswell UFO scare may have been the handiwork of Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele and Joseph Stalin, along comes another story involving space aliens and outrageous experimentation on a U.S. military base.

Montauk, N.Y. — like Area 51, written about in Annie Jacobsen’s new book — has been the center of an otherworldly conspiracy theory for decades.Believers say that people were kidnapped at a U.S. Air Force base and subjected to mind control and time travel experiments. And extraterrestrials somehow had a hand in it all.

via Montauk Project: Mind Control, Time Travel And Alien Encounters At Military Base.

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I hope they let the driver get out first…


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Must be Taos’s sister city

Now a tiny English village is the latest community to claim to be being hit by the phenomenon known as “the hum”.

Residents of Woodland, in County Durham, claim that every night a noise permeates the air similar to the throb of a car engine. It is sometimes so strong that it even shakes the bed of one of the householders.But no matter how hard they look, the community cannot find the source of the problem and, at their wits end, have called in the council to investigate.

via ‘The hum’ – Telegraph.

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You want fries with that McWedding?

Slated to begin sometime in January, the upcoming McWeddings will first appear for a test period at three major McDonald’s branches. They’ll be offered in packages starting at HK$1000 $129, which is a major savings from the typical HK$10,000 or $1,300 price of a Hong Kong wedding.

Included with the reservation is a personalized menu, decorations, McDonald’s-themed gifts, a special apple-pie wedding cake, and a lone fry in place of the traditional cherry a couple shares prior to kissing.

via Ultra-Cheap McWeddings.

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You can’t accuse Tyroleans of being overly serious

Must watch video link

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A dozen to go?

Dunkin' Donuts - Sunday Morning Coffee Run

Image by Qfamily via Flickr

Police say masked and armed men in Cape Cod thought they were nabbing a bag of dough.

They did — just not the kind they wanted.

Three Hyannis men are facing armed robbery while masked charges after police say they robbed a Dunkin’ Donuts with knives and a hatchet on Wednesday and only ended up with a bag of doughnuts.

via Cops: Masked men hold up doughnut shop, get dough.

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“Passenger Strips Naked on Flight…” Maybe he was too warm?

A German passenger stripped naked on an Iberia flight from Madrid to Frankfurt, forcing the pilot to turn the plane around so the man could be arrested, the Spanish airline said Friday.

“A German passenger took all his clothes off on the plane” Thursday night, an Iberia spokeswoman said. “Staff on board tried to dissuade him, but he became aggressive and finally locked himself in the toilet. The pilot then decided to turn around and land in Madrid.”

via Passenger Strips Naked on Flight

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Red letter day: 1,500,000 views

Oldster’s View will topped 1,500,000 views on June 10. Many thanks to all of you!

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“Where’s Grandma?” “I think she went to the Goodwill Store.”

State police in Michigan are trying to find who left what appear to be a grandmother’s cremated remains in an urn at a Goodwill store near Flint.Fenton Goodwill store manager Allen Ryckman says “it’s got to be the No. 1 or No. 2 weirdest item” the store has ever received. He says it appears to have come from a house that was cleaned out.

via Box Labeled ‘Grandma’s Urn’ Left At Goodwill Store.

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