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New York City streets really are paved with gold

Hewing the border between desperation and genius, a Queens man has turned to panning for gold and diamonds in Manhattan. So far, he’s made about $850. In one week.

Raffi Stepanian, 43, is a freelance gemstone designer who realized that the streets and sidewalks of Manhattan’s Diamond District had chips of diamonds, rubies, platinum and gold that had been unwittingly carried out of its stores. By scraping the mud and debris on the street, or running slurry through a filter in the exact fashion of a California prospector, Stepanian has been able to recover enough precious metals for two sales totaling $819

via New York Post

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Three days?

A 46-year-old woman pleaded guilty Monday to hiding a stolen mink coat in her underwear…

(Stephenie) Moreland pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft of property. Police say she hid the mink coat in her underwear for three days while being questioned by police in jail.

via  CBS Minnesota.

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Montauk Monster? Yesterday. Here come the Montauk ET’s

In a year when a respected investigative journalist suggested that the Roswell UFO scare may have been the handiwork of Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele and Joseph Stalin, along comes another story involving space aliens and outrageous experimentation on a U.S. military base.

Montauk, N.Y. — like Area 51, written about in Annie Jacobsen’s new book — has been the center of an otherworldly conspiracy theory for decades.Believers say that people were kidnapped at a U.S. Air Force base and subjected to mind control and time travel experiments. And extraterrestrials somehow had a hand in it all.

via Montauk Project: Mind Control, Time Travel And Alien Encounters At Military Base.

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