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Cannonball cure. Maybe six prunes would be better?

via Ladies! Cannonball cure for constipation – Boing Boing.

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Women’s trousers illegal in Paris for 200 years

Women in Paris may soon be legally allowed to wear trousers after a female French senator called for a 200-year old ban technically still in place to be lifted.

The bizarre ban was first introduced in late 1799 by Paris’ police chief, and stipulated than any woman wishing to “dress like a man” must seek special permission from police and provide medical justification for showing their legs.

via  Telegraph.

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Fun (?) Fact: One liter of saliva a day

According to Dr. Keri Peterson, quoted at the site at the link below, you produce a liter (just over a quart) of spit a day. Just in case you were wondering…

via The Body Odd – Why do we drool in our sleep?

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Granny 1 : Naked man 0

This story has everything:

  • A hungry naked male intruder
  • A grandmother
  • A baseball bat

Video via 7online.com.

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Nothing as refreshing as a 21 Hour nap in a morgue

A South African man awoke to find himself in a morgue fridge – nearly a day after his family thought he had died, a health official said Monday.Health department spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the man awoke Sunday afternoon, 21 hours after his family called in an undertaker who sent him to the morgue after an asthma attack.

via Man Wakes After 21 Hours In Morgue Fridge In South Africa.

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The winner and still champion…

Burke Kenny said it’s not unusual to notice people staring at his chest.”I have to say, ‘I’m up here,” ‘ he said, pointing to his face. “Just like a girl.”

Of course, they’re probably not really staring at his chest so much as they’re looking at what’s covering it: an amazingly full and curly brunet beard with auburn undertones that contrast with the straight black hair on his head.

More via Seattle Times Newspaper

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Keep your Smart Car cool in Summer

Like most of us, Michael Staley didn’t much care for getting into his hot car after it baked for hours in a shade-less parking lot.Unlike most of us, he created his own shade.

via KansasCity.com

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Need a roomie? How about a ghost?

An unexplained ghostly apparition has appeared in the window of a ruined medieval castle on two occasions over 30 years apart.

The first image (above) was taken by a tourist this year while exploring the ruins of Tantallon Castle on Scotland’s East Lothian coast. Experts are baffled by the image and skeptics are having trouble finding a suitable reason to debunk it.

via Single White Ghost Looking to Share Castle

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Boy Ghost admires ice sculpture?

A unique ice sculpture, recently photographed by a surprised hotel manager in Lake Lure, North Carolina, appears to have had another observer standing nearby while the photo was taken. The individual in question, however, wasn’t really the kind you’d have noticed while taking such a picture: after all, some say it was actually a ghost that only the camera’s lens had managed to see.

via Boyish Ghost Appears in Wedding Photo

Video of news report at the link

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Not your typical wedding picture

Til’ the law do us part?

Perhaps because you only get to wear a wedding dress on your wedding day, Tammy Lee Hinton elected not to change out of her gown and veil when police took her mugshot last Saturday, just a few moments after she said, “I do.”

Following the ceremony at City of Zion Ministries church in Michigan, Hinton, 50, was arrested by Blackman-Leoni Township cops on a two-year-old felony warrant accusing her of identity theft,

More with video via Wedding Day Mugshot

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21 tons of mustard and ketchup. Now all they need is lots of hot dogs

Austrian police say thieves have made off with an unusual heist — 21 tons of mustard and ketchup.

The loot was in a semi-trailer parked in a lot over the weekend northwest of Vienna.

More via thestar.com.

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Just workin’ on the tan…

via owni.eu

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That’s the last time I go to a cut-rate hair dresser!


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Lots of jackasses in Dayton, Wash. Mules too.


Image via Wikipedia

The southeast Washington community of Dayton is the place to be this week for fans of mules and donkeys. The Walla Walla Union-Bulletin reports at least 120 mules are expected in town for Mule Mania, a mule and donkey show, riding and driving competition and chuck wagon cook-off.

via  Seattle Times Newspaper

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Things are buzzing on Idaho Highway

Cleanup crews in Idaho have finished clearing honey and an estimated 14 million bees that got loose after a delivery truck overturned on a highway.

Fremont County Sheriff deputies say several workers were stung during the first few hours of the cleanup Sunday.

And some observers told The Post-Register about seeing a strange black cloud and roaring noise above the spill area before realizing it was a massive swarm of bees.

via Truck Spills 14 Million Bees On Idaho Highway.

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That’s gotta hurt

A woman returned to her Cumbrian home to find a near perfect imprint of an owl on her window. The bird had apparently crashed into the window of Sally Arnold’s Kendal home, leaving the bizarre image – complete with eyes, beak and feathers.

via BBC News

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Ticked off elves chunk rocks at Icelandic town

The good burghers of the Icelandic town of Bolungarvik have intervened to prevent further action by elves who are evidently unhappy they weren’t consulted about the construction of an anti-avalanche barrier.

Bolungarvik recently suffered a bombardment of rocks during “routine dynamiting” on the barrier, with fist-sized missiles causing damage to several properties.

This led locals to suspect the huldufólk (hidden people) had finally got a bit miffed with civil engineering projects, including the construction last year of a road tunnel through a hill.

via The Register

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Thar’s gold in them thar basements!

A French couple have found a hoard of gold coins worth at least 100,000 euros (£89,000; $140,000) in the cellar of their home in the town of Millau.

They were working on their drains when they dug up the 34 coins in a little clay pot, French media said.

The coins date from 1595 to the French Revolution, which began in 1789, said a local coin expert who evaluated them.

via BBC News

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Reality TV ‘Finding Bigfoot’ ? Not so real.

Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Bugerbear Yowie

Image via Wikipedia

The TV show Finding Bigfoot has a lot of critics debunking the evidence that the legendary cryptid really exists. That now includes the people who appear on the show itself.

Cast members from the TV show have commented in various online forums that they are bugged by the heavy-handed editing done by producers of the series, and are not happy that they seem to be putting false words in their mouths. To say nothing of using tricks to make their actual findings more seemingly groundbreaking…

Cast member and BFRO leader Matt Moneymaker says, in response to a question about one particular scene with typically grainy footage, “… the thing I ran after up the hill was a human — someone who was sneaking around us in the woods trying to watch the production in progress. I said so repeatedly and vehemently at the time, for the cameras, but they edited out all of that in order to make it seem unclear what I was chasing after.”

via Gather

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The sound of one hand clapping

The crackdown in Belarus grew more indiscriminate this week. Among the 400 arrested: a one-armed man charged with taking part in the clapping protests and mute person accused of shouting antigovernment slogans.

via CSMonitor.com.

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