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You might say they have a rocky relationship.

A small-town mayor is under police investigation after finally giving his wife a nice, big rock.

Make that his ex-wife. And the rock was a 20 tonne boulder, not a ring.

Dany Larivière, the mayor of Saint-Théodore-d’Acton, east of Montreal, told a French news station that he had dropped the boulder off on his ex-wife’s lawn early Sunday morning. The rock is spray-painted “Happy Birthday, Isa XX” and topped with a big pink bow.

“I had to do something so she’d leave me alone,” he told TVA Monday morning. “That’s the biggest rock she’ll ever get in her life.”

via 20-tonne boulder- thestar.com.

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Turns out that roaches are Lady Gaga fans

Australian cockroach

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When a cockroach wants to shake a tail feather, what music does it prefer? Apparently, Lady Gaga.

This summer, four teenagers in an engineering program at New York’s Cooper Union were studying the movement of roaches by hooking them up to electrodes and then exposing them to electric pulses. But soon the roaches got used to the pulses and stopped moving about when they started. Desperate to find a way to get the roaches moving, the guys decided to try playing music for them. They tried Weezer, but got no response from the bugs. Ditto for heavy metal rockers Avenged Sevenfold.

But when they started playing Lady Gaga—well, the roaches responded immediately, and never stopped their flapping.

via Roaches Love Dancing To Lady Gaga – ABC News.

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Maybe Hitler would have lost the silly mustache…

As wartime plots go, it stood as much chance of success as Captain Blackadder’s attempt to avoid battle by sticking two pencils up his nose, putting underpants on his head and claiming to be from the planet Wibble.

With no end to the Second World War in sight, British spies came up with a plan to lace Adolf Hitler’s food with female sex hormones to curb his aggressive impulses.

More via Hitler hormone plot:

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They used to split a raven’s tongue but people?

A British teenager was so desperate to speak the Korean language with the proper accent that she had a surgery that lengthened her tongue, reports The Telegraph. Wait. What?

Nineteen-year-old student Rhiannon Brooksbank loves Korean culture and plans to study it in college. Her only problem: She struggled to correctly pronounce certain sounds in the Korean language, because of her shorter-than-average tongue, “caused by an unusually thick lingual frenulum – the flap of skin that joins the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth,” the UK paper reports.

Her parents agreed to her having a lingual frenectomy, a 15–minute operation under local anaesthetic that involved an incision in the flap of skin. Rhiannon admitted that it was “agony at first” but her tongue is now about 1cm longer and she can say words that were impossible before.

via The Body Odd

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