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Turns out that roaches are Lady Gaga fans

Australian cockroach

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When a cockroach wants to shake a tail feather, what music does it prefer? Apparently, Lady Gaga.

This summer, four teenagers in an engineering program at New York’s Cooper Union were studying the movement of roaches by hooking them up to electrodes and then exposing them to electric pulses. But soon the roaches got used to the pulses and stopped moving about when they started. Desperate to find a way to get the roaches moving, the guys decided to try playing music for them. They tried Weezer, but got no response from the bugs. Ditto for heavy metal rockers Avenged Sevenfold.

But when they started playing Lady Gaga—well, the roaches responded immediately, and never stopped their flapping.

via Roaches Love Dancing To Lady Gaga – ABC News.

August 15, 2011 - Posted by | Scary, Strange

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