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Sign: “No Parking.” And they really meant NO parking

Ralf Scherrer from St Gallen, Switzerland, used the massive machine to move a classic Fiat X1/9 sports car that a selfish driver had parked in his way.

A construction worker in Switzerland took the law into his own hands and moved an illegally-parked car.

He explained that motorists park their vehicles in difficult spots ‘all the time’, but this time it really made him mad.

Mr Scherrer lifted the offending vehicle with the bulldozer’s digger arm and managed to squeeze the car into a tiny parking space away from the building site, without damaging it.

‘We all watched her trying to get out of the spot and she had to do a 30-point turn. It was very satisfying – and I bet she won’t do that again,’ he told the Austrian Times.

via Construction worker uses bulldozer to move car blocking site entrance | Metro.co.uk.


September 1, 2011 - Posted by | Dumb drivers

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