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Washington State Troopers lead glamorous lives. Well, except for the fish heads.

Fish head served in Japan

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Washington State troopers lead glamourous livesĀ  helping stranded motorists, straightening out traffic messes and chasing the occasional neer-do-well.

But it might be hard to convince Trooper Jaime Arnold of the glamour part after he spent 10 minutes shoveling fish heads off Interstate 5 recently.

A state Transportation Department camera shows him scooping the fish heads and moving them off the highway, even dodging cars entering from an onramp as he makes repeated trips to the side of the road.

via Weird news – msnbc.com.


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Blimp eye in the sky

A Utah city (Ogden) hopes a new airborne crime fighting tool will be ready to fly by Christmas: a 54-foot-long, camera-studded blimp capable of monitoring crime scenes or joining a search…

The Ogden police department has already bought the aircraft with federal grants, and…hopes to begin training by Oct. 1, the Standard-Examiner reported.The 4-foot-diameter, helium-filled blimp will be operated by remote control and be outfitted with cameras, a radar transponder and other devices.

via Weird news – msnbc.com.

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Let sleeping bats lie.

The students at Csiky Gergely high school in the western Romanian city of Arad were about to take an exam Friday morning when they found bats flying around the room. Others appeared to be sleeping with their wings spread out on the floor.

The bats were thought to have flown in through open windows. Rather than disturb their slumber the test was moved to another class room. Well hey. It’s Transylvania after all.

via msnbc.com.

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