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And speaking of re-entering satellites…

“We saw a big ball of fire rushing across the sky and a little spark came off of it,” recalls Tulsan Lottie Williams…

“I felt a little tap on the back of my left shoulder and I thought someone was just trying to get my attention, and I knew everybody else that I walked with were nowhere near me to be doing that,” says Williams. “I turned around and looked back because you could hear it hit the ground.”

via  FOX23 News

It turned out to be a small piece of the second stage of a Delta II booster re-entering the atmosphere. There’s lots more at the link. She is the only person ever to be hit by a piece of re-entering debris.

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A modern kitchen if you live in the1830’s

To all those who own estates in North Wales, try rummaging through your basement. You might find a perfectly intact Victorian kitchen from the 1830’s, complete with a cooking range, pots, pans, antique fire extinguishers, a spit for roasting pigs and enough tables and benches to seat a team of twenty servants.

More pictures and lots more text at Squid Ink

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Mushrooms not for eating, just looking

A stall in Gurun is making heads turn among motorists on the highway from here to Sungai Petani. This is because colourful “toadstools” of various sizes adorn this modest premises owned by Abdul Naaim Azaddin.The 48-year-old entrepreneur is successfully running a business producing decorative toadstools made of plastic pipes and coconut shells.

via Man’s hobby mushrooms to big business.

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