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It’s been fun…

It’s been fun

It’s hard to believe that this blog has been around since June of 2006. As of today there have been 4090 posts and 1,567,337 visits to this blog and I appreciate every one of those visits.

It has been fun but all good things come to an end. As of today I’m retiring from Oldster’s View although the blog will stay up for the foreseeable future. Keeping up with the blog has become work rather than fun and so the time has come to move on. I do plan on being an occasional contributor to Technudge until Bill O’Brien tells me to go away.

“So long and thanks for all the fish.”



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Get ready, Mr. Yeti. The Russians (and others) are coming

A team of Russian and American scientists will set off on an expedition this week to try to solve the mystery of the Abominable Snowman.

It follows a rise in Yeti sightings in the Kemerovo region, 3,000 miles (4828km) east of Moscow.

Interview via BBC News

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America the Beautiful rides the Chinese space lab

China may have managed to launch its first space station module flawlessly, but it appeared to flub the soundtrack.

State broadcaster CCTV and the Chinese space agency collaborated on a short video to mark the liftoff of Chinas unmanned Tiangong 1 space lab Thursday night Sept. 29, The Guardian newspaper reports. The 98-second video gives an animated look at the launch and Tiangong 1s mission — all set, puzzlingly, to an instrumental version of “America the Beautiful.”

via Space.com.

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