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Pacific Ocean near Sydney a Foamy brine

This is definitely one of the strangest natural phenomenon I’ve ever read about.Just imagine dumping enough dish-washing liquid into the ocean to turn all the waves into light and fluffy soap bubbles that are soft enough to blow out of your hand into the air…Well, that’s basically what happened off the coast of Yamba in New South Wales!

More via One Man’s Blog.

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Washington State Troopers lead glamorous lives. Well, except for the fish heads.

Fish head served in Japan

Image via Wikipedia

Washington State troopers lead glamourous lives  helping stranded motorists, straightening out traffic messes and chasing the occasional neer-do-well.

But it might be hard to convince Trooper Jaime Arnold of the glamour part after he spent 10 minutes shoveling fish heads off Interstate 5 recently.

A state Transportation Department camera shows him scooping the fish heads and moving them off the highway, even dodging cars entering from an onramp as he makes repeated trips to the side of the road.

via Weird news – msnbc.com.

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Watch for low flying aircraft cows

Safety officer Robert, of Barlaston, Staffs, said: “I was driving along when a cow jumped out and landed on my bonnet.

“It had hurdled a three-foot high fence and hit the front of my car.

“I had no time to brake and my car veered to the other side of the road.

“I was very lucky that nothing was coming in the opposite direction.

“The police were very nice about everything, although I don’t think they could quite believe it either.

“They breath-tested me which came back negative.”

via Cow leaps three foot fence and squashes car – Telegraph.

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Things are buzzing on Idaho Highway

Cleanup crews in Idaho have finished clearing honey and an estimated 14 million bees that got loose after a delivery truck overturned on a highway.

Fremont County Sheriff deputies say several workers were stung during the first few hours of the cleanup Sunday.

And some observers told The Post-Register about seeing a strange black cloud and roaring noise above the spill area before realizing it was a massive swarm of bees.

via Truck Spills 14 Million Bees On Idaho Highway.

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Grain cleanup workers wanted. Must have own broom and dustpan

A 268,000-bushel grain bin collapsed at Humphreys Co-Op in Altus (OK) about 1 p.m. Sunday. If there is a good time for a collapse, it came Sunday as just one employee was on site and with the wheat harvest completed about a week ago.

via  NewsOK.com.

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Step 1: Set Cruise. Step 2: Get toothbrush. Step 3: Crash

A New Zealand schoolteacher who crashed her car while brushing her teeth has landed herself in court.

Police officer Graham Single told the Blenheim district court, 272km north of Christchurch, that Cherie Margaret Davis, 65, set the cruise control of her car to 100km/h, “got out her toothbrush and started brushing her teeth”.

Ms Davis subsequently lost concentration and crashed into a rock bank by the side of the road, the Marlborough Express reported…

More via News.com.au.

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Rube Goldberg’s cow?

A Taranaki farmer has lost a cow but kept his milking shed following a freak series of events.

A motorist was traveling along a dark, wet Manaia Rd near Kaponga on Friday night when he hit and killed a black friesian.The animal was thrown over the top of the car, peeling back the (hood) and shattering the windscreen. The car smashed into a pole which caused a power surge to race along the wires into the farmer’s house.

The same surge blew up the cowshed meter board and set it on fire. However, it melted a water line directly above which extinguished the blaze.

More via  National – 3 News.

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911? Help!!

You may have heard of house calls, but this is ridiculous.

After months of enduring a leaking pipe that buckled its floors and sagged its ceilings, an empty Massachusetts house somehow called police for help.

The Salem News reports the emergency call went out to police from a house in Marblehead after water short-circuited the phone system, apparently sparking the emergency call.

Officers were sent to the address after the call was recorded as a hang up and a return call got static.

via News.com.au

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Tornado + Mustang = Bad.

But he drove it away. Story and video here.

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Not the best place to park your big rig

An 18-wheel truck pulling an empty water tank is hanging precariously off an interstate ramp in Fort Worth after a predawn crash, and three people have been rescued from the wreck.

via Three rescued

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That’s a lot of tuna sandwiches

A tractor-trailer carrying mayonnaise lost control near Springfield, Missouri, spilling 40,000 gallons of the sticky white sandwich helper along Interstate 44. With the freezing temperatures, traversing the mayo slick was “like walking on ice.”

More via 40K pounds of Mayonnaise

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Traffic getting your goat?

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating how a herd of goats found their way onto Interstate 5 Saturday night, triggering car accidents and leaving dozens of animals dead.

Some surprised drivers were unable to avoid the nearly 200 goats that walked onto the southbound lanes of traffic near the Twin Cities Road off-ramp, causing several accidents and inflicting non-life threatening injuries to one driver.

More via CBS Sacramento.

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So, it’s illegal to have a rock in your house in Billings?

After rejecting the same plan last month, the Billings City Council voted on Monday night to remove a giant rock that has come to rest inside a home just underneath the Rimrocks…

In October, a 1,000-ton sandstone boulder sheared off from the Rims and crashed into a house below…

The home is destroyed, and the rock is still inside the home while a complicated payment dispute plays out between the homeowners, their insurance company and the city. The homeowners have filed a lawsuit to force the city to remove the rock, while the city has issued a code enforcement violation against the homeowners in an attempt to get them to remove the rock.

via Council votes to remove rock from house

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Maybe an occasional cleaning might be in order…

Vacaville Fire Department officials are blaming pigeons for the collapse of a gas station awning Monday that nearly struck a woman who had just finished filling her tank.

(A) Vacaville resident…had stopped at Quick Way Gas located in the 400 block of Merchant Street when a quarter of the station’s metal roofing came thundering down next to her under the weight of several inches of bird droppings.

via Inside Bay Area.

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Actually guys, Jell-O Pudding isn’t a good road de-icer

A county road in northern Iowa is cleaned up after a semitrailer tipped spilling Jell-O and pudding cups when it slid into a ditch near Rudd.The Floyd County sheriff’s office says 52 pallets of Jell-O and pudding cups fell from the trailer when its top ripped open early Tuesday morning. It took crews three hours to clean up the debris.

via TwinCities.com.

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File under “Right Name.” And that’s no fish story.

A semi truck, loaded with fish, overturned and spilled its’ cargo across the eastbound lanes of I-90 near Sprague, Washington, early this morning when the driver swerved to miss a deer. Appropriately, the accident happened at the Fishtrap exit.

More via  KXLY Spokane.

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Bring fries. We’ve got the mayo.

Oven roasted french fries

Image by Gudlyf via Flickr

Just after midnight on September 25th in Hyogo prefecture in western Japan, a two-lane highway was the scene of a really strange and potentially perilous accident involving a load of mayonnaise dozens of 500 gram bottles that fell off the back of a lorry. An eight-car pile-up that left three people injured, the accident involved a motorcycle, two trucks and five cars.Fortunately, none of the injuries were serious, but the many bottles were scattered over a 3.5-kilometer (2.2 miles) stretch of a two-lane highway.

via Mayonnaise Spill Causes Japanese Highway Pileup.

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Crocodiles and planes don’t mix


Image via Wikipedia

A stowaway crocodile on a flight escaped from its carrier bag and sparked an onboard stampede that caused the flight to crash, killing 19 passengers and crew.

The croc had been hidden in a passenger’s sports bag – allegedly with plans to sell it – but it tore loose and ran amok, sparking panic.

A stampede of terrified passengers caused the small aircraft to lose balance and tip over in mid-air during an internal flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

via News.com.au.

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HMS Astute? Maybe not so well named.

Royal Navy Submarine HMS Astute

Image by Defence Images via Flickr

A new British nuclear-powered submarine was towed free after running aground off the coast of northwest Scotland on Friday.

HMS Astute, the first of a new class of nuclear-powered submarines that was undergoing sea trials, became snagged on rocks off the Isle of Skye in an embarrassing incident for the Royal Navy.

The Navy had to wait for hours for high tide before tugs could tow the advanced submarine to deeper water.

via World news – Europe – msnbc.com.

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“Sauerkraut can explodes.” Well, that just stinks

Twenty-four students and four staff members at a central B.C. high school were briefly quarantined after a can of sauerkraut exploded Friday in a food science class

.The fire department, a hazardous materials unit and RCMP were called to Kelly Road Secondary School in Prince George at about 2 p.m. PT.  RCMP Const. Lesley Smith said school officials were concerned about a possible botulism outbreak after the contents of a years-old can of pickled cabbage splattered on students.

via CBC News: Sauerkraut explosion prompts quarantine.

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