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Snowdon Sunday stroll

Located in the middle of a beautiful national park, Mount Snowdon is one of the most awesome natural wonders of Great Britain.The wild slopes, steep ridges and treacherous screes of the second highest mountain in the UK attract experienced mountaineers from across the world who want to pit their climbing skills against its rugged routes.

But now the 3,560ft mountain just got a whole lot tamer after a tarmac pathway was laid on one of the ancient routes.

via ‘Mail Online

Mountain climbing types are upset at the addition of the paved path although why this keeps them from climbing the hard way I don’t know. It would be embarrassing though to emerge at the peak after a triumphant, death defying, climb and find a family with little kids having a picnic at the top.

PS: 3560 feet? The entire Intermountain West of the US is higher than that.

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Tank driving tip: Don’t fall asleep

Red faced army officials have apologised after a tank left a trail of destruction when its driver nodded off at the controls.

The South Korean military vehicle was returning from an all night training exercise near the North Korean border when it suddenly accelerated and veered off the road.

The massive tank crushed two cars before ploughing into four trucks as terrified drivers and pedestrians ran for cover.

via Ananova – Chaos after tank driver nods off.

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He may not be the luckiest man in the UK but he must be close

Stephen Newton just won a share in an £8m National Lottery jackpot. That’s lucky, you say. Well, yes, it is but, according to the Daily Telegraph,  it isn’t the first bit of luck Mr. Newton has had.

In 1998 he was buried for 16 hours under one of the biggest snowslides in UK history and survived.

In 1990 he was missing at sea while on a night sailing exercise when his boat lost its’ sails and was washed ashore 24 hours later.

If you are thinking of buying a lottery ticket you might want to have Mr. Newton rub it for you just for luck.

via Ananova – Avalanche survivor wins Lotto.

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Roz Savage: Courage personified

Picture 18

Courage comes in many forms and is found in many places. One of the forms is that of a petitte British woman named Roz Savage and one of the places is the Pacific ocean. Roz has already rowed the Atlantic  and the Pacific from San Francisco to Honolulu, both solo. A couple of days ago she set out from Honolulu enroute to Tuvalu and has, as of this morning, covered 74 miles.

She is blogging and using Twitter to chronicle her progress and thoughts as well as broadcasting on Twit.tv with Leo Laporte on Thursday afternoons. You can also follow her progress updated about every four hours on this site.

The picture is Roz arriving at Hawaii after her crossing from San Francisco, Diamond Head in the background.

It’s a fascinating account and you won’t regret checking it out.

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Roz Savage, rower, and person extraordinaire

This lovely lady is Roz Savage, writer, speaker and rower extraordinaire, whose location  at 2130, 29th July Pacific Time, 0430 30th July UTC was 24 01.189’N, 139 02.119’W. That’s halfway, almost, between her starting point at San Francisco and her first stop at Hawaii on her way to Australia. “So what?”, you say? Here’s what: she’s rowing a 23 foot boat.

I just discovered Roz on TWiT about a week ago and have been following her both there and on her own blog since. Check her adventures out at these links:

Roz’s blog, updated daily

TWiT (for three times weekly talks with Roz and Leo Laporte)

Follow Roz’s progress on a map here

In case you wonder what an ocean-going rowboat looks like, here’s a picture:

Oh. Did I mention she has also rowed the Atlantic? That picture of the boat was taken on that row.

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