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Montauk Monster? Yesterday. Here come the Montauk ET’s

In a year when a respected investigative journalist suggested that the Roswell UFO scare may have been the handiwork of Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele and Joseph Stalin, along comes another story involving space aliens and outrageous experimentation on a U.S. military base.

Montauk, N.Y. — like Area 51, written about in Annie Jacobsen’s new book — has been the center of an otherworldly conspiracy theory for decades.Believers say that people were kidnapped at a U.S. Air Force base and subjected to mind control and time travel experiments. And extraterrestrials somehow had a hand in it all.

via Montauk Project: Mind Control, Time Travel And Alien Encounters At Military Base.

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Want to peek at Area 51? Use Google Maps.

Thanks to the internet, the concept of a government secret has been rendered little more than a quaint James Bond plot device. For example, in decades past, the public only had conjecture and hearsay to feed its curiosity about the inner workings of the US government’s shadowy military base on the southern shore of Nevada’s Groom Lake, a site better known as “Area 51.”

But today, thanks to technology like Google Maps, we can all achieve a clear birds-eye-view of the secret facility conveniently linked with user-submitted telephoto images supplying a ground level perspective. Now anyone with a smart phone can be treated to an unobstructed view into the secret military installation that — officially — doesn’t even exist.

via How to peek into Area 51 using Google Maps | DVICE.

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