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Cain’s Mutiny

You have to give Cain Motter some credit.

Like millions of Americans, this Los Angeles-based artist has his share of credit card debt that he’s working to pay off. However, unlike all those other folks, he’s raising the money to pay off his cards by melting his cards — and any that he can find — into elaborate artistic statements about the evils of credit cards. He then sells his artwork for $1,200 apiece.

via Cain Motter Makes Fine Art From Melted Credit Cards (PHOTOS, VIDEO).

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Here’s looking at you (with my diamond encrusted contacts)

So you’ve blinged up your neck, decorated your ears and added horns to your forehead okay, maybe not the last one. Whats next?

Your eyeballs, thats what. A company is offering contact lenses fitted with real diamonds and gold that you position over the most delicate organ of the human body. No sweat.Thats right, 18 diamonds studded onto an 18-carat gold plate on a special lens is yours for just $15,000 (£9,000.)

via ShortList Magazine.

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Giant Mermaid In Alster Lake

This is no little mermaid.

Workers in the German city of Hamburg are assembling an eye-catching aquatic sculpture called “Giant Mermaid” in Alster Lake.

The 12-foot-tall floating artwork was reportedly designed in three pieces by Oliver Voss, artist, advertising executive and head of the advertising academy Miami Ad School.

via ‘Giant Mermaid’ Floats In Alster Lake In Hamburg, Germany.

Is that guy blowing in her ear?

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A balloon animal to end all balloon animals

Try competing with this balloon artist and you would definitely be wasting your breath.

Mark Verge has been perfecting the art form for more than 16 years and has created a 39ft life-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex out of 1,400 balloons.

via  Mail Online.

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Evidently they didn’t use library paste

The Metropol Parasol (Spain) looks from afar like it’s constructed from popsicle sticks — but it is actually built from bonded timber with a polyurethane coating (translation: extra-strong glue). The unusual materials have given it two unique claims to fame: It’s the largest wooden building in the world, and the largest structure to be held together by glue.

via The Upshot

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Artist thinks “out of the box”… or urn, as the case may be

Raven Collins puts her heart and other people’s souls into her art.

The 37-year-old Thonotosassa artist has been sketching for more than 15 years, specializing in detailed hand-drawn portraits. Nowadays, most of her commissioned work incorporates an unusual ingredient: Cremated remains — ashes — brushed right into the portrait.

It’s a fast-growing trend in the art world, though Collins says she is the only one she’s aware of who uses ashes in sketch drawings. Others mix remains in the paint of abstract works, and some sculptors put cremated remains in jewelry or glass. One artist in Canada compresses cremated remains and puts them into pencils. “Like lead,” Collins says.

via Loved ones live on in art.

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You think that’s a wood pile but you’re wrong. It’s a “Work of Art.”

A Canadian logger was puzzled to be told that the woodpile he was dismantling was a work of art.

Ron Fahey, 59, of Sackville, New Brunswick, had been given permission to remove a stack of logs from the grounds of Mount Alison University. So he was surprised when a local official ran over to tell him the woodpile was actually a sculpture, entitled Deadwood Sleep.

via Logger tried to cart off ‘sculpture’ | Orange UK.

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You go, John Scott! L.A.’s Oldest Graffiti Artist nabbed

John Scott, 73, has been arrested in Los Angeles and charged with felony vandalism for sticking bills on any flat surface he could find that sent people to his web site where he sold  T-shirts bearing the logo “Who is John Scott?” This makes John the oldest person by far ever charged with street vandalism in LA. His nearest competitor was 36.

Hey! A guy’s gotta make a living.

via  Asylum.com.

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Define art: Hauling a big rock to the top of a mountain

An artist is to place a four tonne boulder on top of one of Austria’s highest mountains.

via  Quirky News | Orange UK

You’d think there would already be enough rocks up there. It is a mountain, right?

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Sweet Tate Modern. (Pray the sprinkler system stays off.)

As part of the London Festival of Architecture, due to take place later this month, an artist called Brendan Jamison has sculpted the Tate Modern in sugar cubes. The completed model is built at a scale of 1:100, which still puts the Tate Modern’s chimney at more than a metre high.

via Wired: Tate Modern rebuilt using 70,000 sugar cubes

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Where’s the art? Umm, that’s it—in the image down there.

An art exhibition featuring a brush propped against a wall and pieces of wood strewn across the floor has been branded the worst in Britain. Discarded nails, a bucket and an empty laundry bag also make up the display at Birmingham’s Ikon Gallery by artist Susan Collis. Art lover Graham Whitehouse, 40, from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, said: “Conceptual art is one thing but this is just ridiculous.’

via ‘Britain’s worst’ art exhibition? | Quirky News | Orange UK.

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Potholes are good for something after all

Cyclist Steve Wheen decided to plant cyclamen, narcissus and polyanthus in the holes after becoming fed up with the state of roads.

The 33-year-old’s green do-gooding is proving popular as his website – http://www.thepotholegardener.com – has had 25,000 hits in its first month.

via Steve Wheen plants flowers in potholes | Metro.co.uk.

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Steve Jobs: Cheese Head

Hellooooo, weirdtown! Not only did someone go through the trouble of carving a giant Steve Jobs head out of mozzarella cheese, they’ve also given detailed instructions on how to make your very own. In three varieties, no less!

via  Gizmodo.

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…And you thought Lenin was stuffy…


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How to carve a pumpkin the right way

Screen shot 2009-10-22 at 8.03.21 AM

Twenty four more

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“How to tie your shoe laces”

There are 15 different ways to lace your shoes at How To Tie Your Shoe Laces. The link is below the image.

Picture 4

via How to tie your shoe laces | MailDumper.

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Going bald? Getting a tattoo? Here ya go.

Picture 6

via bad tattoos gallery

There’s 69 more bad tattoos at the link.

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Mona Lisa brewed from 3604 cups of coffee

Picture 2


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…or it could be pranksters…C’mon folks. Show a little sense.

Whatever the reasons one Christchurch resident says he is keeping an open mind about how a crop circle came to appear in the fields behind his house.

Some of the theories behind crop circle formations include a whirlwind, earth energies, underground archaeological circumstances, hoaxes, military experimentation and alien invasion.

via Our Strange World.

How about a couple of guys with too much time on their hands?

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Did you ever wonder?

My wife and I went to a concert yesterday afternoon and one of the pieces that was performed was Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony. So if the symphony is “unfinished” how do you know when you’ve finished ?

(Now I’ll wait for people to  point out that I’m an idiot.)

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