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Charge: Operating a Motorized Beer Cart while intoxicated

Plenty of drunk drivers spend a night in the cooler after they get busted. Very few spend a night on the cooler before their arrest.

Police in Australia say Christopher Ian Petrie was under the influence and driving without a license in Noosa on June 16 when they spotted him behind the wheel of a motorized beer cooler.

The 23-year-old had reportedly outfitted the cooler — known in Australia as an Esky — with a 50cc two-stroke engine, according to The Courier Mail.

via Motorized Beer Cart In Australia.

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Serving spirits to the spirits?

Providence city officials have granted a liquor license to the owner of an east side funeral home, clearing the way for the business to open an Irish pub inside.

Mark Russell, who operates Monahan Funeral Home, plans to convert a garage attached to the funeral home into a pub, which will be called McBride’s.

via Pub Attached to Funeral Home | WPRI.com.

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An old cold one

Divers have recovered what’s thought to be the world’s oldest beer from a 200-year-old shipwreck in the Baltic Sea.

The find was made as researchers recovered drinkable Champagne from a Russian cargo ship which crashed in the 1780s.

The divers say they were surprised to find a handful of beer bottles during the salvage operation near the Aland Islands.

When one of the bottle just so happened to break, the divers tried some of the dark liquid and say they liked the taste.

via Odd News | newslite.tv.

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Canned Beer Turns 75 today

Be sure to crack open a cold one on Jan. 24, the day canned beer celebrates its 75th birthday.

New Jersey’s Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company churned out the world’s first beer can in 1935, stocking select shelves in Richmond, Va., as a market test. The experiment took off and American drinkers haven’t looked back since, nowadays choosing cans over bottles for the majority of the 22 gallons of beer they each drink per year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

via Canned Beer Turns 75 – Yahoo! News.

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