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383mph? That’s some motorcycle.

An Italian motorcyclist is appealing after he lost his license when speed cameras clocked him at an impossible 383 mph.

Paolo Turina, 26 – who also copped a £200 fine – claims the speed camera was clearly so defective the charge should never have been brought.

“If I could go that fast I’d enter my bike in the MotoGP world championships. Valentino Rossi would not stand a chance. What did they think they were clocking – a jet fighter?” asked Mr Turina, of Cernusco Lombardone.

via Ananova – Biker clocked at 383mph

The cops say the camera was working fine but the clerk who wrote it up wasn’t.

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Picture 15

A Chinese man has successfully patented his new invention – a bicycle with odd-sided wheels. Guan Baihua, 50, a retired military officer in Qingdao, spent 18 months developing his unique bike.

The front wheel is a five-sided pentagon while the back wheel is a triangle, reports the Bandao City Daily. Guan says the bike is mainly for fun but says riders could use it to lose weight as it takes more effort to pedal.

More at Ananova – Bumpy road to success.

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60 Million and counting

The venerable Honda Super Cub motorcycle is  the best-selling vehicle in the history of internal combustion, and there are now more than 60 million of them on the road. That’s an amazing figure that speaks to the strength of a 49 cc motorcycle Soichiro Honda designed 50 years ago, helping spur Japan’s eventual rise to dominance in the motorcycle industry.


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Looking for a quick way to break every bone in your body?

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Motorcyclist flips bird, then just flips.

Police: Motorcyclist flipped bird, popped wheelie, crashed – Yahoo! News
A Long Island man who flipped his finger at a police cruiser and then popped a wheelie on his motorcycle is recovering from injuries after crashing.

Suffolk County Police said Frank Patti, 26, of West Islip, rode by the police car at a service station in Copiague at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Police say Patti made an obscene gesture to two officers in the car, popped a wheelie and then sped away.

Police gave chase.

When the motorcycle turned into a parking lot it crashed into a police car that had joined the chase.

Police said Patti was treated for minor injuries at Southside Hospital. He’s charged with fleeing police, resisting arrest and several traffic violations.

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Souped-up Segway?

Balancing act

It may look like the most dangerous motorbike in the world but this new invention is actually the latest form of green transport.

The electric Uno is the brainchild of 18-year-old Canadian Ben Gulak who spent several years developing the bike, which is controlled entirely by body movements.

The machine actually has two wheels, side-by-side, and uses gyroscopic technology to stay upright. It moves in the direction the rider leans – and the more you lean, the faster you go.

Ben claims that the bike could help beat pollution and he was inspired to design it after visiting China and seeing all the smog there.

He says: “The bike is fairly easy to ride, but takes a bit of getting used to because you have to learn to trust it.”

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Push me, Pull you tandem bike

More at Face-to-face tandem

A Taiwanese inventor has created a face-to-face tandem, and is in negotiations with factories to have it mass-produced.

Chen Yugang, the director of a creation centre at Far East University in Tainan city, took a year to build the bike, reports local TV station TVBS.

“On a traditional two-person bicycle, the rider in the rear seat can only see the back of the one in front. So I started wondering how I could get them sitting face-to-face,” he said.

His new bicycle can be ridden face-to-face, conventionally or even back-to-back as the seats rotate and the gears can be set to move the bike in either direction.

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