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Mona Lisa brewed from 3604 cups of coffee

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“Drink coffee, see dead people”

Heavy coffee drinkers are more likely to have hallucinations or feel “the presence of dead people”, according to new research.

A UK-based study quizzed 200 students on their caffeine intake and found those with the highest consumption were also more prone to report seeing, or hearing, things that were not there.

Those who consumed a daily equivalent of seven cups of instant coffee or more – high caffeine users – were three times more likely to have extra-sensory experiences than low users, who had less than one cup daily.

The Durham University study took in all caffeine consumption including coffee but also tea, caffeinated energy drinks or chocolate bars and caffeine pills.

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I thought it was called a caffeine buzz…

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And I thought Starbuck’s was expensive

 £90k cappuccinos


A businesswoman drank four cappuccinos in Heathrow’s troubled Terminal 5 – and was hit with a £360,000 bill. Terri Patsalides, 59, who was waiting to meet a traveller, was handed the huge print-out at the Giraffe Juice Bar.

She told The Sun: “The baggage delay was so long I finished off four coffees. When I got the print-out I told the waitress that although they were very nice, I thought £90,000 a cup was a bit over the top. She went bright red when she saw my bill was £361,514.97 and said it should have been £12.”

…A Giraffe Juice Bar worker said: “It was just a glitch on the computer system. The bill was cancelled and everyone had a laugh.”

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