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Nice doing business with you…

After robbing three people at gunpoint early Saturday morning, Bethlehem (Pennsylvania) police said the suspect shook his victims’ hands – an odd gesture that police said was not so polite.

via Morning Call.

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Repentent Dillenger Wannabe should have mailed it back

An  apparently repentant teenage stickup artist in Illinois returned his $167 loot back to the Dunkin’ Doughnuts he had robbed the day before and returned it with an apology. Nice gesture but the cops still arrested him.

Both of his visits to the store were captured by a surveillance camera.

via cbs2chicago.com.

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Thieves leave sympathy money

Thieves left money

A Brazilian woman says car thieves left her money instead of taking her car when they realized its poor condition.

Flavia Alcantara from Belo Horizonte, had left a note on the windscreen warning thieves that the car was not worth stealing. Her note read: “Mr Robber, please do not steal this car. It has no batteries, no spare tire. It is in bad shape. Thank you for your attention.”

Mrs Alcantara says someone later tried to steal the car but ended up leaving it – along with a one Reai banknote, worth the equivalent of 40p [about a dollar US].

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Polite crook

A man politely waited his turn in a queue at a busy central Sydney post office before jumping over the counter, grabbing money from two tills and running off, police said on Thursday.


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Burglar does the dead right thing…

Burglar finds corpse

A Berlin burglar’s break-in took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon a corpse and felt compelled to call the police.

“He called to say he’d just broken into a flat and found a dead body,” said a spokeswoman for Berlin police Thursday. “He gave the address of the place and then hung up.” Officers discovered the 64-year-old resident of the flat dead in his bedroom. The man had passed away about two weeks ago, and authorities are not treating the death as suspicious.

The burglar has not been heard of since. Local media said he fled the apartment empty-handed, but police could not confirm this.

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