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Any identifying marks?

The 27-year-old California man was arrested early Sunday for allegedly shooting at a vehicle in Sacramento. Martinez, a parolee, was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of a firearm.

via The Smoking Gun.

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German politician’s career wiped out?

A German politician has been caught short after janitors collared him red-handed pilfering toilet paper rolls from the gents in the town hall during a sting operation, authorities said Wednesday.

Janitors’ suspicions were raised when more than 200 rolls vanished and they laid a trap for Frank-Michael John, 24, a member of the far-left Die Linke party in the regional council of Stralsund, northern Germany.

They discovered him exiting the toilet with one roll in his hand and another in a backpack, according to several media.

via flushed out

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All that gray hair doesn’t mean you’re defenseless

A good whack “upside the head” with a frying pan and a poke with a pitchfork was too much for a home invasion style robber who lost teeth from the smack with the pan and fled, bleeding from pitchfork wounds, only to be caught a short time later by police in Jacksonville.

Did I mention that the pan/pitchfork wielder is 81?

via Northwest Florida Daily News.

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Crime tip: Burglars should never fall asleep at work

A man was arrested Sunday morning after Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies said he broke into a CVS Pharmacy on Vierra Canyon Road.Deputies responded with their K-9 unit to a burglary alarm at the store, and when they arrived, they said they found Steven James Cobbs, 19, asleep inside.

via  KSBW The Central Coast

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Crime tip: Stripping to your underwear won’t throw off a police dog

(A) 25-year-old woman found in her bra and panties after a traffic crash told an officer she stripped off her clothes to try to “conceal her scent” from a police.

But Angela C. Ferranti’s disrobing plan last week apparently didn’t work as Kilo, a police dog, tracked into a wooded area in central Port St. Lucie where she was found, according to a recently released report.

via  Off the Beat with Will Greenlee.

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Actually, being held against your will is what jail is about.

Police in Ohio say a man arrested on a disorderly conduct charge called 911 from jail to complain he was being held against his will.

via ToledoontheMove.com.

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Has your marijuana been tasting different lately?

"Marijuana Cigarette"

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Authorities in a southern Arizona city near the Mexico border have found two feces-covered bales of marijuana tied to a rope feeding into a sewer system.

Nogales police say public works employees hauled out an estimated 39 pounds of pot while investigating a clogged sewer line Wednesday.

via Yahoo! News.

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You could say the owner “Clothes-ed” in on him

A bungling would-be burglar was stopped from carrying out his crime…by a laundry hamper.

Michael Trias, 20, was in custody tonight after allegedly jumping through the bathroom window of an apartment in Mesa, Arizona.

He fell from the window straight into the clothes basket that was directly underneath.Trias became tangled up in the basket, made from PVC and netting, and had to be helped by the owner of the house, who then escorted him outside to wait for police.

via  Mail Online

The mugshot at the link looks about like you would expect.

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Crime tip: Maintain a low profile

Link to more mug shots

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Crime tip: Police stations have police in them

If you’re going to rob a bank in downtown Orlando, you might want to make sure the police headquarters isn’t on your getaway route.

Orlando police said they caught suspected bank robber Johnathan L. Graves shortly after the heist Wednesday when an officer inside OPD headquarters looked out his window and spotted the man hiding from a patrol car.

via  OrlandoSentinel.com.

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Teenagers are always hungry but this is ridiculous

Perhaps 18-year-old Jesse Ray Stewart got the wrong message with Crime Dog McGruff’s national “Take a Bite Out of Crime” campaign.

While a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputy was taking Stewart to the Land O’ Lakes Jail on Sunday after he was arrested on a burglary charge, Stewart took a bite — actually several — out of the patrol car’s seat, sheriff’s officials say.


More via  msnbc.com.

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Crime tip: When using an alias don’t use the name of a wanted man

Authorities in Montana say a man who had three outstanding warrants for his arrest gave officers a false name during a traffic stop — but ended up in custody anyway because that man was also wanted.

More via msnbc.com.

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This criminal was really cold, man. No. Really cold.

Ridding oneself of recognizable clothing is a tactic often used to evade capture.

Sometimes, that can be taken too far, as in the case of an escapee from Montgomery Correctional Center in Jacksonville.

The chase began when the inmate bolted into the woods from a crew working outside the facility.

An officer posted on the perimeter during the subsequent search soon spotted a likely suspect in the form of a naked man sneaking through the brush – in the February cold. The officer jumped a fence and cuffed the naked man, who was given a thermal blanket until his clothes were found.

via  jacksonville.com.

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“It wasn’t immediately clear if the neighbor put voodoo on Louis.”

A West Palm Beach man was arrested on suspicion of smashing his neighbor’s window with a rock because he was upset about a supposed voodoo curse.

Police said 26-year-old Renald Louis was arrested Sunday and charged with shooting or throwing a missile into a dwelling. He was being held on $25,000 bail.

via WKMG Orlando.

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Crime tip: Motorized shopping carts don’t make good getaway cars

An alleged food-snatcher and scooter thief was arrested on Sunday after he was seen by a Riviera Beach (Winn-Dixie) supermarket’s employees driving the pilfered motorized shopping cart with unpaid packages of meat off the property.

More via OrlandoSentinel.com

Running over kids with it isn’t cool either.

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Crime tip: Don’t tell a clerk you will be back later to rob the store

A man was arrested after attempting to rob a convenience store in eastern Kalamazoo County twice early Sunday.

Early Sunday morning the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an attempted armed robbery at the Shell Mart at Miller Drive and 35th Street in Charleston Township. The clerk told deputies that a male subject had entered the store earlier and told her that he was going to rob it. The clerk said she told the subject that he was not going to rob the store and so he left. The clerk said that a short time later the male subject returned and told her that he had a weapon in his pocket but became scared when the clerk said she had called police and fled the store.

More at FOX 17

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Crime tip: When pulling a robbery don’t stab yourself with your own knife

A man is in critical condition in hospital after injuring himself with his own knife when he tripped and fell after allegedly robbing a store in Ottawa’s south end Monday, police said.

via CBC News – Ottawa

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Opportunity abounds and my future is assured!

My lucky day is here! And it just arrived in my email. (But I’m not sharing!)

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I took the telephone numbers out. I’m not sharing this great opportunity.
(That’s sarcasm…in case you missed it.)

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You don’t have to be smart to be a crook


Original source unknown

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30 tubes of toothpaste? In her underwear?

(A) shoplifter (in Prague) tried to make a clean getaway after stuffing 30 tubes of toothpaste down her knickers in a bizarre heist.

The crook attempted to sneak out of the shop while her male colleague distracted shop assistant Jana Brezikova, who gave chase.

Video at The Sun |News.

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