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Airport luggage carousel jockey. Why yes. Alcohol was involved.

baggage reclaim at hahn airport in germany

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A ride on a Conch train? A catamaran ride out to Fort Jefferson? They’re popular and fun, sure. But look to Key West International Airport for another ride that’s gaining popularity: The luggage carousel.

Last Saturday, an impatient Millsboro, Del., man was jailed for jumping on the terminal’s carousel and getting spit back out on the tarmac — the second time since June 29 that’s happened.

This time, Bradley Jenkins, 54, “just jumped on the belt, squatted right down and spit out right where the guys were working,” says Capt. Don Hiller with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

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Snake massages “relaxing”… Oh, yeah?

Visitors to a Surrey theme park have been given the chance to enjoy a relaxing massage – from a royal python.
They were offered the snake massages to help them relax before going on a new ride, called Kobra, at Chessington World of Adventures.

“Snake massages are said to produce a feeling of relaxation as the muscles in their bodies stimulate blood flow and massage tense joints,” said a spokeswoman.

via Ananova – Theme park offers snake massages.

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Repeat after me: Bison are wild animals

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A bull bison at Yellowstone National Park gored a 55-year-old tourist after the man got within 10 feet of the animal in a campground. A news release from the park says the Norco, Calif., man was taking pictures of the bison when it charged him Wednesday morning.

The bison gored the man in his upper left thigh and punctured his leg. The man was taken to a park clinic and then to St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson. The injury is not life-threatening, according to the park.

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Let’s go over that one more time: Bison are big, fast,  ill tempered, aggressive, not overly bright  wild animals that out weigh you by at least a factor of ten. Yes, even the ones in Yellowstone.

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