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TSA makes the Naughty List for sure!

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Probably keeps it next to the fruitcake

A Lincolnshire grandmother has the world’s oldest hot cross bun – baked on Good Friday in 1821. Nancy Titman, 91, was given the 189-year-old bun when her mum died and amazingly it shows no traces of mould, reports the Daily Telegraph.Nancy Titman and her hot cross bun /RexThe bun, made the same year Napoleon died, George IV was crowned king and poet John Keats passed away, has been in her family for generations.

More via Ananova – The world’s oldest hot cross bun.

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The thing is, you don’t want to mess with dragons


At least three police officers and 10 civilians were hurt in China in a riot sparked by dozens of traditional dragon dancers angered over being banned from performing, police and state media said Monday.

The disturbance occurred Sunday in rural Guizhou province in southwestern China after police banned the dance, part of traditional Lunar New Year celebrations, out of safety concerns, Xinhua news agency said.

via China dragon dancers riot

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Ho Ho Ho! (Repeat 240 times.)

Michael Huffman believes. He believes in the spirit of Santa Claus. He believes in the Christmas story. He believes in cozy feeling he gets when the radio slips into its Christmas rotation and the lights appear in the windows of homes he passes on his way to work at Hickory Business Furniture.

Huffman has lights, too. There’s a candle and a wreath in each window, glowing Christmas statues in the yard and flowerbeds draped in white fabric to look like snow. The mailbox says North Pole. The real sight is inside, where he spends two weeks carefully placing more than 240 stuffed, ceramic, plastic and wooden likenesses of Santa Claus in his Victorian den, his country kitchen, the bedroom with a European flair and the beach-themed hallway, where a Santa doll wears red swimming trunks and his black boots.

More at Claus collector boasts more than 240 Santas.

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Anonymous Santa


A “secret Santa” left hundreds of presents outside a church in Sterling Virginia Sunday morning, including the hope that the gifts would bring Christmas joy to children in this difficult economic time.

Rev. Wayne Snead found the pile of toys when he arrived Sunday morning, along with a note saying that the toys should go to less-fortunate children in these rough economic times.

via MyFox Washington DC

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The Easter Bunny will be early this year…really early

the Daily MailEaster’s date is determined by the spring equinox – the point in the year when the day and night are of equal length. If the full moon after the equinox is on a Sunday, then Easter is on the following Sunday.The formula was decided after much controversy among early Christians in 325. The festival cannot fall earlier than 22 March or later than 25 April.It may look daunting to non-mathematicians but the fiendishly complex formula used to work out when Easter actually falls is:((19*t u-w-(u-(u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30) (32 2*x 2*y-(19*t u-w- (u-(u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30)-z)mod7)-7*(t 11*(19*t u-w(u- (u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30) 22*(32 2*x 2*y-(19*t u-w-(u- (u 8)25) 1)3) 15)mod30)-g)mod7) 114)31This year will be the earliest anyone now alive will ever see Easter because it will not fall this early again for over 100 years – in 2160.

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Happy Pi Day — March 14



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