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Did you ever wonder?

My wife and I went to a concert yesterday afternoon and one of the pieces that was performed was Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony. So if the symphony is “unfinished” how do you know when you’ve finished ?

(Now I’ll wait for people to  point out that I’m an idiot.)

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Woo-woo rock


There was a lot of excitement recently in the “Woo-woo” community over a carved rock, found in the vicinity of Rozwell, New Mexico, that was deemed to be of extraterrestrial manufacture. According to one university geologist interviewed by Linda Howe, it would be impossible to carve it with any human tools. Why she chose a university geologist, and not a stone carver or artist, to ask that question is unclear. In any case there is an artist in the Pacific Northwest who begs to differ with the professor and has the rocks to prove his point.

Alien Carving? Nope.

Alien Carving? Nope.

I am an artist in the Pacific NW who works with glass and occasionally stone. These are some examples of carvings I’ve done since seeing photos of the Roswell Rock. People who I show them to often respond – “but do they spin under a magnet?” The answer is yes. Most of my latest pieces have been carefully chosen for that purpose. There has to be a correct ratio between the weight of the rock and the pull of the magnet. Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation is all about shape – the ones that are too symmetrical have no interest in spinning, they are better off somewhat lopsided.

–Ron Branch

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Salt Lake City: Beware the coming zombie attack

More at the Salt Lake Tribune

It started as insightful and articulate, especially compared to most public-comment hokum. Georgia transplant Wesley Wyndham-Price calmly stood before the [Salt Lake] City Council, cautioning members about downtown’s derelict emergency-preparedness plan. City elders are “insouciantly” unaware of risks to City Creek Center, he warned.

Wyndham-Price even paused to joke that Georgia’s saltwater taffy is better than Utah’s. “I hope that is not an ad hominem,” he shrugged. Then he got specific and all reason helicoptered into the ether. City Creek needs an emergency-preparedness plan, he demanded, against zombies.

“Zombies are fierce,” he said as a crammed council chamber laughed nervously. “They are going to catch us in there.” Wyndham-Price admitted he never has seen a zombie attack but is sure one is coming.

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