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How to fold a Tee-shirt: First build a robot


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From frog eggs to an artificial nose—Durante would be proud

Anamniote eggs from a frog.

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Researchers have found the secret to improving a robot’s sense of smell: Shove frog eggs up its nose. A team at the University of Tokyo has developed a sensor made from a genetically modified frog egg that can help a robot pick out insect smells and pheromones.

As useful as a moth-smelling robot may seem, researchers believe the study published yesterday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is just one step towards an inexpensive but sensitive chemical detector.

via  Discover Magazine.

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Little Dog: And he doesn’t leave deposits in your yard

Following in the footsteps of the disconcerting BigDog robot and the slither tracks of the Robot Snake, here’s the LittleDog. Gone is the chainsaw-like whining of this pup’s pony-sized and scary older brother. Instead, there’s a cute determination that makes you want to root for the little whippersnapper.

There’s video at  LittleDog robot–DVICE.

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They better hope he isn’t Godzilla’s buddy

Picture 7

Nothing better sums up the relationship between the Japanese and robotics than a giant model robot model – 18 metres (59 feet) high and weighing 35 tonnes – that has taken pride of place in the centre of Tokyo.

The robot is one from the Gundam series, which began in the late 1970s. It towers over the capital’s Odaiba Island as an exact replica of what a “real life” robot would look like if it existed.


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Not bad for a machine with a 90 day warranty

Picture 1

Spirit remains stationary on the west side of Home Plate in the location called “Troy”. The rover continues to be busy with an ambitious observation campaign employing both remote sensing and in-situ (contact) science with the robotic arm (instrument deployment device, IDD).

The soil disturbed by the rover’s embedding has been the subject of extensive science investigation. Five out of the past seven sols have involved using the instruments on the end of the robotic arm to collect images and composition spectra of five distinct targets.

More via Spirit Undertaking More Soil Investigation.

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No apple for this teacher. Bring WD-40 instead.

Picture 14

The world’s first robot teacher proved a hit with pupils on her first day at a Japanese primary school. One pupil described Saya as “pretty” another said that she was a bit “scary but fun” while another said that he “couldn’t believe he was getting taught by a robot”…

First, she called the name of each child before asking the pupils to carry out tasks from a text book for the pilot project in Kudan Primary School, next to Tokyo University…

Saya’s steel skull is covered with fine latex cast from a female university student. Underneath, a system of 18 motors works like muscles to give her facial expressions including surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness and sadness…

More at  Ananova – Robot teacher has human touch.

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The ultimate narcissism


A Japanese toy company is offering to make tailor-made robot Mini-Mes for its customers. Robotics firm Little Island claim they can create a tiny likeness of anyone – even replicating the sound of their voice.

Customers place their £1,500 order and simply submit a photo of the person they’d like their new toy to resemble.

via Mini-Me robots.

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Strange Push-Up Robot is Scary, especially after the arms fall off.

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World’s slowest rickshaw


A Chinese farmer fascinated by technology has built himself 26 robots over the past 30 years. Wu Yulu, 46, who has only a basic school education, designs the robots himself and builds them from scrap materials.

via robot army

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Robosheep lawn mower

I want one. Think of the looks on the neighbors’ faces!

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I can’t bear it

Talking teddy bear

Japanese scientists have developed a talking teddy bear to help drivers find their way through traffic. The robot bear, designed by Japanese scientists, is placed on the car dashboard and advises motorists which roads to take.

Robotics firm iXs Research Corporation, which has developed the bears and unveiled them this week, hopes to have them on the market in Japan next year.

“We want to make it more compact, and we’d like to offer a variety of shapes, including other characters and a plain mechanical version,” chief executive Fuminori Yamasaki told Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun newspaper.

The bear has got moving arms and neck so it can also point confused drivers in the right direction.

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Defective Robot Animation

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Cuddly robobunny

A pet robot that communicates with humans only by touch is being used to probe the way the oft-neglected sense bolsters our emotional relationships. The findings could be used to make humans’ relationships with robots and other pieces of technology more emotionally rewarding.

Steve Yohanan at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, says that robotics researchers too often neglect haptics – touch – as a form of communication. Vision and sound have been concentrated on instead.

But missing out tactility has a detrimental effect on the quality of the interaction, he says.


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Bizzaro Bot

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Nature versus Robot

This could just be the first of many battles to come between natural flying predators, and man-made flyers inspired by nature.

Robotic dragonfly toys made by WowWee Robotics are being snatched by birds of prey. One boy had his grabbed by a Red-tailed hawk not long after unwrapping one on Christmas day…Engadget reports that WowWee has been contacted by 45 people about the same issue in the past two months.

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The Spitfire’s flying heroines

Times Online

spitfire.jpg The survivors of a group of women who flew Spitfires in non-combat roles during the Second World War are expected to be honoured with a special badge.

The women of the Air Transport Auxiliary may not have taken part in the Battle of Britain but, without their flying skills and courage in delivering the aircraft to the RAF bases for their male counterparts to clear the skies of German bombers, the battle would never have got off the ground.

There are believed to be about 15 of the women pilots left, all in their eighties and nineties. They also flew Hurricanes, Lancasters, Mosquitoes and other wartime aircraft.

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A boy and his robot


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Breakfast Robot…Now we’re talking

Robot helps with breakfast
Japanese scientists have developed a robot that can help people get out of bed and bring them their breakfast. They claim the 4ft 10ins robot, which has soft hands and fingers, can become even more like its human inventors.

The Japanese humanoid – called Twendy one – has enough strength to support humans as they sit up and stand, and can make supple movements that respond to human touch.

It can pick up a loaf of bread without crushing it, serve toast, help lift people out of bed and even lend a hand with the housework.

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Robot device mimics human touch

A device which may pave the way for robotic hands that can replicate the human sense of touch has been unveiled. US scientists have created a sensor that can "feel" the texture of objects to the same degree of sensitivity as a human fingertip. The team says the tactile sensor could, in the future, aid minimally invasive surgical techniques by giving surgeons a "touch-sensation". The research is reported in the journal Science.

"If you look at the current status of these tactile sensors, the frustration has been that the resolution of all these devices is in the range of millimetres," explained Professor Ravi Saraf, an engineer from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, US, and a co-author of the paper. "Whereas the resolution of a human fingertip is about 40 microns, about half the diameter of a human hair, and this has affected the performance of these devices."


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