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Sure, those millionaire outfielders are good but can they catch a fly with an eight month old  baby in one arm and a backpack strapped on? Maybe they should hire Tiffany Goodwin to give them lessons in how it’s really done.

More via  KOMO News | Offbeat.

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A good time to not be on the observation deck

Photo Credit: New York-based…photographer Jay Fine

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Those old boxes of junk you inherited? Open them.

Andrew Haswell Green.

Image via Wikipedia

An extraordinary collection of items belonging to Worcester native Andrew Haswell Green — a visionary who helped remake New York City in the 19th century — will be sold this week in an unprecedented four-day auction at the DCU Center in Worcester.

Among the thousands of documents, artworks, china, clothing, and toys being sold are handwritten correspondence to and from four presidents and a rare, printed copy of George Washington’s will.

From Green’s death in 1903 until 2009, virtually none of the items had ever been uncrated and examined. Packing boxes sealed more than a century ago were opened only after the death last summer of Julia Green, his great-great-grandniece and distant heiress.

Lots more via  The Boston Globe.

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20,000 bees—whole lot of buzzing going on

A beekeeper had to be called after a swarm of 20,000 bees attached themselves to an Australian woman’s washing.They made a bee line for some colourful pants and socks hanging on a washing line in Victoria, Australia.Beekeeper Brian Gardiner, who was called to clear the insects, said the woman had been terrified when she saw the bees attached to one of her socks.

More via 20,000 bees – Orange UK.

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The World’s Oldest Trees…40 centuries plus

Of the many scenic wonders found within the Inyo National Forest, one of the most amazing is the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, located between 10,000 and 11,000 ft. in the White Mountains, east of the Sierra Nevada. These trees are the oldest known living trees on earth. Here in the White Mountains, the ancient trees have survived more than 40 centuries, exceeding the age of the oldest Giant Sequoia by 1,500 years…

Each Bristlecone pine, from young seedling to ancient relic, has an individual character. And in the Ancient Forest, where trees had more than four and a half millennia to develop their character, each tree is a true individual. Every single tree in the Ancient Forest is at least 4,000 years old, many reach 4,500 years and the oldest one – Methuselah – has a confirmed age of 4,768 years which secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. In order to protect Methuselah from souvenir hunters and people who would just “love it to death,” the forest service does not disclose its location. It only hints that Methuselah is on of the trees right along the trail in the Ancient Forest.

More at  The World’s Oldest Tree | Interesting Pictures.

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Two scores…from the full length of the field

A schoolgirl goalkeeper is set for the record books after scoring twice in a single match from her own penalty box. Emily Dickson, 14, stunned her team-mates and the opposition with two huge drop kicks down the full-sized pitch.

With both attempts, the ball bounced over the opposing keeper and into the net during the under-15s match, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Emily, from Broxbourne, Herts, is now awaiting confirmation from FA officials, who believe her effort is a record.

via Ananova – Schoolgirl goalkeeper claims a record.

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Yo , Mom! What’s for lunch?

This litter of newborn porkers has brought fresh hope for the future for Britain’s rarest breed of pig.

The ten British Lop piglets will help the breed as it battles for survival. Lops are losing out to more traditional hybrid pigs which are bred to grow quickly and sell fast.

Just 2,000 of them born every year, compared to around 10,000 large white hybrid pig. But most experts believe the Lop produces the tastiest bacon.

More at   Mail Online.

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Your donation to Goodwill? You might want to check through it again.

A 100-year-old Ellsworth Woodward painting found in Goodwill’s Nashville warehouse has sold for more than $8,000.

Goodwill of Middle Tennessee spokeswoman Suzanne Kay-Pittman says a Boston bidder bought the painting for $8,101 late Sunday on Goodwill’s online auction Web site.

via Houston Chronicle.

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Oldster’s View reached a quarter million hits today! Thanks to you all!


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Thank you!

Sometime early this morning, November 10,  Oldster’s View received its’ 200,000th visitor. Thank you all so much for your support!

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Want to see what Superman really looks like?

Meet Kent Lilyerd, a man who has survived a lightning strike to the back of his head, “”a man who once struggled for two hours to climb out of a hole in a frozen lake, a man who six times survived electrical shock while welding, a man who was once accidentally shot in the forehead and chest by friends while duck hunting.”

Lots more at this link.

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Looking for that perfect gift for your sweetie?

No buyer Oddly Enough – Reuters

Global auction house Sotheby’s failed to hammer off a 72.22-carat, “D” flawless white diamond at its Asian sales last week in a possible sign of weakness in the global diamond trade.

The large diamond which had a pre-sale estimate of $10-12 million, attracted a final bid of HK$73 million ($9.24million) that fell short of the reserve price and went unsold, said Sotheby’s press officer Rhonda Yung.

The diamond was later sold to a private buyer for an undisclosed sum, Sotheby’s said.

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Record diamond

Record diamondMiners in South Africa claim they have unearthed the biggest diamond in the world. The giant 7,000 carat jewel is said to be the size of a coconut and worth at least £15million, reports the Daily Mirror.Weighing in at 4lbs and is more than twice the size of the previous biggest diamond – the Cullinan, discovered in 1905.

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I hope she went out and bought a lottery ticket

Yahoo! News

Dropping something may have saved Joy Horton’s life. The 73-year-old woman was preparing some food in her western New York home on Monday morning when she dropped a spoon on the floor of her kitchen. When she bent down, her house exploded.

The explosion leveled her home in the Wayne County town of Sodus, on Lake Ontario about 25 miles east of Rochester. Horton wasn’t seriously injured. She crawled out from underneath the rubble and walked to her daughter’s home nearby to get help.

Fire officials said that because Horton was bending down when the explosion occurred, the kitchen sink and counter top helped keep debris from hitting her.

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