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He bit a police car?! (Did I mention he was drunk?)

More at WISH TV 8:

A Ball State professor is under arrest after fighting police officers,slamming a door on an officer’s knee and biting the police car Saturday night in Muncie, Indiana.

But the part that is most fun is that he called 911 himself.

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You’ve heard of busy bees. How about church bees?

Church-going bees

A religious beekeeper in Serbia has started making beehives shaped like tiny monasteries and churches “because bees have a soul too”.

Slobodan Jeftic, 58, from Stari Kostolac, said: “By doing this, I am bringing together the two great loves of my life, beekeeping and my religion. It means that as well as taking care of my bees so that they have a place to live and make their honey, I am also taking care of their souls.”


Ummm, right…

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Disgruntled chef: Chop Chop!!

The Daily Record

A crazed Chinese chef challenged the boss who had just sacked him to a duel – with meat cleavers. Xian Ming Wang grabbed the knives after arguing with takeway owner Tat Chung Cheung over a work permit.

Wang placed a cleaver on the counter of the busy shop and screamed: “One for me and one for you.” He then vowed to chop Mr Cheung up, adding: “I have already chopped up a man – and I will do the same to you.”

Wang, 37, was jailed for seven months at Dumbarton Sheriff Court yesterday.

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A German policeman left a Wiltshire pub and drove straight into a canal after mistaking it for a wet road. Jozef Cene, 38, drove out of the car park at midnight, stopped by the canal, indicated and plunged into the water.

Locals at the Barge Inn in Honeystreet, Wiltshire, waded in to free Jozef from his submerged Fiat Punto, reports the Sun. His legs were trapped in the car door by the water pressure, but rescuers managed to haul him to safety from the chest-high canal.

Berlin policeman Jozef was breathalysed but [the test] proved negative. The hire car was later winched out.

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