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Security: When you pay peanuts all you hire is monkeys

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Brisbane Airport has been asked to explain why it made an 86-year-old woman stand while her wheelchair, walking stick and shoes were searched by security officers.

John Tscheppera said his 86-year-old mother-in-law was selected for a random scan as she went through security before a flight to Cairns with her two daughters last Thursday. He said she was made to get out of her wheelchair and take her shoes off while her wheelchair, shoes and wooden walking stick were swept with a security wand.

“My mother-in-law is 86, she’s most of the time wheelchair-bound,” he said. “She’s frail, bent over and anyone with half a brain could look at her close up and see that she’s old, frail and needs nurture, a lot of TLC. To subject an 86-year-old to something like that is a bit over the top.”


I seldom make editorial comments here but I have to say that this is absolutely asinine. Who trained these idiots, Himmler?


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