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It can’t be any harder than piloting a Flying Saucer, right?

An unruly passenger who banged on the cockpit door of a SkyWest flight and claimed he was a space alien was arrested after the plane made an emergency landing Sunday in Idaho Falls…

…  Pocatello TV station KPVI reported he told flight attendants he was a space alien and wanted to fly the plane.

More via  Deseret News.

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Littele green men? UFO’s? Nope. Sorry. Just NASA.

A series of spooky lights above parts of the northeastern United States Saturday sparked a flurry of phone calls to authorities and television news stations.

NASA said strange lights seen in the Northeast on Saturday were caused by an experimental rocket.

CNN affiliate stations from New Jersey to Massachusetts heard from dozens of callers who reported that the lights appeared as a cone shape shining down from the sky. However, the lights were the result of an experimental rocket launch by NASA from the agency’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, a spokesman told CNN.

Keith Koehler said the Black Brant XII Suborbital Sounding Rocket was launched to study the Earth’s highest clouds. The light came from an artificial noctilucent cloud formed by the exhaust particles of the rocket’s fourth stage about 173 miles high.

via  CNN.com.

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Aliens are from Scandinavia??

The tale of a terrified woman who claimed to have a shocking close encounter with an alien on a sports field near Norwich was revealed this week after previously top secret UFO files were opened up by the Ministry of Defense.

The MOD has released once-classified files concerning reports of flying saucers, alien abductions and close encounters to the National Archives, and the Norwich case is one of the most remarkable to have occurred between 1987 and 1993.

On November 21, 1989, the distressed woman telephoned RAF Wattisham to talk about her frightening experience and a covering note provided to the MOD and Norfolk police at the time by the RAF man she spoke to described it as “one of our more unusual UFO reports.”

The woman, who did not give her name and address, said the previous night she had been walking her dog on a sports field not far from her home near Norwich.

The RAF report stated, “She was approached by a man who asked her if she would listen to what he had to say. She described the man as 5ft 9in, fair hair, with a Scandinavian type accent and dressed in a light brown garment similar to a flying suit.

There’s more at  Our Strange World.

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Little green aliens and UFOs

Aliens from outer space have been visiting Britain for years and UFO sightings doubled after the film Close Encounters was released in 1977, according to secret files collating reports by members of the public.

The alien craft come in all shapes, sizes and colours but their occupants are uniformly green, the Ministry of Defence files show.

The archives…are the first batch of a four-year release programme of all the ministry’s UFO files from 1978 to the present day.

The ministry dismisses 90 percent of the reports as having mundane explanations and leave 10 percent with a question mark and the assurance they are no defence threat.

More at Yahoo! News

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