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Apparently tattooed pigs aren’t “art”.


Pigs tattooed with Louis Vuitton designer logos have been banned from an art exhibition.

The pigs with the trademark LV symbol and other designs were to form part of an exhibition at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair.

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Ananova – Feeling light-headed!


A Dutch artist has come up with a technique for making realistic life-size models of human heads – out of paper.

Bert Simons, 42, from Rotterdam, uses Computer Aided Design and illustration programs to make his 3D paper portraits and sculptures. He first creates a computer model of his subjects and then flattens the model into its component parts. Once a template is created he can print it out on a sheet of paper to cut out and reassemble.

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Dancing Rabbits in bronze

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Art in town

Our town has an active program of purchasing sculpture for display
around town. Pieces of sculpture are brought in and put on display for
a year to gauge reaction to them. After that the city purchases two or
three each year that become part of the permanent collection. Currently
there are close to forty pieces owned by the city. This ball, made of
welded square tubing, is one of the new pieces being judged this year.
To give perspective, the lady (my wife of 52 years) is about five feet
five inches tall.

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