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If you’re a troll don’t bother to go to Bavarian Christmas markets

The mayor of Wolfratshausen plans to do away with a 400-year-old Alpine Christmas tradition because it is too scary for children, German daily tz reported on Tuesday.


The troll-like Perchten emerge when it gets dark. The gnarled and gruesome figures stomp through the Christmas markets of Bavaria, making a loud ruckus and sometimes even harassing market visitors. According to tradition, these horned creatures come out mainly during Christmas to drive away winter with loud noises. They are similar to the better-known Krampus, the trollish figures who accompany St. Nikolaus in the region.

via Bavarian trolls exiled from Christmas market festivities – The Local.

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Muppet caught speeding in Bavaria

Is there an “Animal” endangering the streets of Bavaria? Police traffic cameras recently captured a puppet speeding, but the culprit turned out to be a hot-footed British driver with a sense of humour.

“It was funny when the photo came in for processing and it appeared that no one was at the wheel, but it was an English car, which means the driver’s seat is on the other side, so the camera didn’t catch the actual driver’s face,” the Bayreuth police spokesperson told The Local on Wednesday.

via The Local

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Hard to tell which is the horse’s rear here

More at The Local

Bavarian police on Monday said a man who tried to take his horse with him into a public toilet over the weekend caused over €1,000 in damages after the animal balked.

According to witnesses, the man apparently didn’t want to leave his horse outside the facility in the city of Kaufbeuren on Saturday night. But the animal – a white Paint with brown spots – decided his rider could take care of his business alone and demolished the lavatory’s entryway.

“The guy wanted to go in with his horse, but the horse had other ideas,” Kaufbeuren police officer Oliver Klinke told The Local on Monday.

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