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Car accident victim’s ghost? The photographer thinks so. How about you?

A Chilean news station showed pictures of a tragic car crash that occurred on Router A-16. Known as “The Cursed Road” by locals, the images of the crash showed something peculiar. In one of the images, the photographer claims to have captured the image of one of the deceased. Friends of the deceased agree with the photographer’s assumption stating that the translucent apparition appears to be wearing the same type of clothing their dead friend wore.

via funny pics: Ghost appears in news video of car accident.

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Another Chilean Volcano Picture: Ash and Lightning

After 9,000 years of silence, Chile’s Chaitén volcano (pictured on May 3) is erupting with lava, ash—and lightning (full story).

Since the volcano awoke on May 2, it has continued erupting intermittently, blanketing the area in ash and forcing more than 4,000 people to flee.

National Geographic News Photo Gallery

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Beautiful and terrifying

A cloud of smoke and ash fills the sky after the eruption of the Chaiten volcano in southern Chile. The eruption, which began May 2, spewed incandescent material and blasted ash some 20 miles into the Andean sky, forcing authorities into a complete evacuation of the area.

Link, with more pictures

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