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She’s kept Cadbury going all by herself


A Devon woman who eats 30 bars of chocolate a week has just celebrated her 100th birthday. Peggy Griffiths, of Abbotsham, has scoffed an estimated 70,000 Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars in her time.

Her lifetime chocolate consumption has been estimated at an incredible four tonnes, reports The Sun.

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…And right into the arms of waiting police.

The tanker carrying 25 tons of chocolate powder in which 15 stowaways were found hiding when it arrived at the Mars factory in Slough, Berkshire [Photo: INS]

The illegal immigrants climbed out of a giant road tanker after it arrived at the Mars Bar factory to deliver chocolate to the confectionary firm.

Coughing and spluttering on the fine, dry powder the 15 men clambered out of the top of the 37-tonne bulk tanker, their clothes covered in chocolate.

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This must surely be sacrilege


A chocolate bar laced with salty bacon bits is proving a hit in Britain, at least with some people. Selfridges, the only store in the UK that stocks the American product reportedly sold out its’ entire stock within 48 hours, according to the Daily Mail. Dubbed Mo’s Bacon Bar the odd concoction sells for a pricey £5.99 for a 3oz bar.

Ewan Venters, food and restaurant director at Selfridges, said: “… It’s a real explosion of flavours and people love it.”

Not everyone agrees, however. Claudia Connell of the Daily Mail described it as “the most unpleasant thing ever to have passed my lips” and “…like eating a chocolate the has been dunked in an…ashtray.”

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Best if used by 2006…

NZ Herald

A Dargaville [NZ] man thought he had hit the jackpot when he discovered a full treasure chest on a local beach.

Locals found the wooden and leather trimmed case at Glinks Gully on Sunday night, after bad weather washed it ashore.

Geoff Nichols says when they dragged it to the dunes the latch fell off and it opened. He says it was full to the brim with Cadbury Crunchie bars and Milky Ways and all sorts of other goodies.

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Is that chocolate on your breath, boy?

Chocolate breath odor

It was the odor of chocolate on the suspects breath that gave away a 15-year-old boy accused of shoplifting candy bars in Bremerton [Washington]. An officer responding to the shoplifting report Friday night caught up with the suspect on a bicycle.

First he denied taking candy bars, but the officer could smell an odor of chocolate and called witnesses who identified the boy.

He confessed and said he was hungry and did it for the thrill.

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Another invention we didn’t need…chocolate wine

chocolate wine – Times Online

Heston Blumenthal, the Michelin-starred chef and kitchen chemist who gave the world egg and bacon ice-cream, has won another award for his latest Frankenstein food — warm chocolate wine.

The velvety, frothy drink is made by whisking a £48 red dessert wine with sugar and chocolate.

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