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High jump Winner, Bovine Division

A suspected burglary has been solved in Somerset – after a neighbour spotted a cow jumping on to a roof.

The householder, of Blagdon, thought she had been broken into after coming home to find her roof badly damaged.

She called in the police – but then a neighbour came forward with some surprising information, reports the Daily Telegraph.

William de Cothi, 17, had photographed the animal after he spotted it on the roof about six feet off the ground.

via Ananova – Cow ‘jumped 6ft onto roof’.

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Hey, mister! You forgot your cows.

A herd of abandoned cows have been found wandering Auckland’s North Shore.

The 25 cattle are thought to have been dumped on council land near the suburb of Torbay, in an unfenced area with no grass.

via 3 News Herd of cows abandoned on North Shore.

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Riding this train is a mooooving experience


A Chinese city’s railway station has so few passengers that it has become a pasture for animals.

Only two train services run from Beihai station, in Guangxi province, and they take twice as long as the bus. The station is so quiet that cattle grazes on the grass outside, reports the Star Online. Ducks waddle around the entrance while chickens search for scraps of food.

via Ananova

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Invention opportunity: Beano for cows

Estonian authorities have slapped a flatulence tax on farmers to compensate the country for the methane gas produced by cows.

Farmers this week received their first ‘fart tax’ demands asking them to pay for the greenhouse gases their cattle produce.

A single cow is thought to produce on average 350 litres of methane and 1,500 litres of carbon dioxide per day from flatulence and burping.

It is thought that cattle are responsible for up to 25 per cent of methane gas emissions in Estonia.


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