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Grand theft auto egg?

Police in Maine are trying to find a truck loaded with nearly 260,000 stolen eggs that were destined for Asian markets.  The eggs were in cartons labeled in English and Chinese and authorities believe they may be headed for the Chinese sections of Boston and New York.

Headed for Asia? They ship eggs from New England to Asia? Does that ever make you wonder how fresh the eggs in your store are?

via The Boston Globe.


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Almost as exciting as watching paint dry… almost.

More at Egg betting craze

Gambling addicts have got a new sport to bet on – which egg will hatch fastest. Eggycam, a live video feed showing ten eggs in an incubator, is a new website aimed at raising money for charity.

“It’s a bit of fun and bets are not at the mercy of bad weather or human error,” Ken Robertson from Paddy Power told Metro newspaper. “Punters simply put their money down and let nature take its course.”

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This one deserves a whole new category: Really dumb crook

A man trying to pluck a parakeet nest from the top of a power station was shocked by a live wire and received several burns Monday afternoon, authorities said.

Cameron Fritzson, 20, was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, then Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami with second- and third-degree burns to his upper extremities, police said. He was listed in critical, but stable condition later Monday night.

Fritzon climbed a 10-foot fence surrounding a Florida Power & Light substation near Sheridan Street and University Drive shortly before 4 p.m, police said.

Authorities say he then tried to scale the electrical tower where his arm brushed against a transformer. He fell 20 feet. Police believe Fritzon may have been trying to collect the parakeet eggs to sell at a pet store.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

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