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Maybe $3.80 isn’t so bad after all…

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Saarbrücken, in the German state of Saarland, is the country’s most expensive city to tank up – drivers there pay €1.514 per litre ($8.48 per gallon) of petrol. Mühlheim has the country’s most affordable gasoline at €1.419 per litre ($7.94) per gallon. Meanwhile the average lies at …$8.26 per gallon of petrol.


Now before you point out to me how cheap gasoline/petrol is in the US, consider this: The good folk of Saarland are just getting taken to the cleaners worse than we are. Both prices are plain and simple robbery.

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WOW! Gasoline prices fell just over one quarter of one percent!!

Have you ever pondered whether the petroleum companies are screwing you? Well, ponder this. Crude oil prices fell 5.5% yesterday and the price of gasoline plummeted, plummeted I say, by just over one quarter of one percent. Remember how gasoline prices rose instantly with every increase in the price of oil? Daily if not hourly? Strange how the price of gasoline never seems to fall as rapidly as it goes up. If I didn’t know how saintly all big oil execs are I might be tempted to think they were profiteering…nah, surely not.

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