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Facebook really gets your goat

A goat

Image via Wikipedia...not the goat in question

A goat that has been wandering around the eastern Missouri town of Mexico has gained enough attention to have his own Facebook page. But animal control officers are not amused. KXEO reported that the goat was first seen by a motorist on Saturday near an underpass on the east side of town.

Mexico animal control officer Joe Horton said the department has received more than a dozen reports of the adult goat being seen around town, including in downtown Mexico.

via Wandering goat in Missouri gets Facebook fan page – Yahoo! News.


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“Billy the Kid” strikes again

A goat is behind bars in a German police cell after he was ‘arrested’ for disrupting traffic. Billy the kid was caught by cops in Bremen after it blocked traffic by standing in the middle of a road crossing.

The goat then led cops and locals on a chase across town when officers – called in by drivers – tried to catch it. It was eventually caught by police after several patrol cars had to be called in to help.

via Ananova – Billy the Kid behind bars.

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The most beautiful girl goat in the world


An enthusiastic crowd take photographs of a Maaz Al Shami Damascene goat, which won the coveted ‘Most Beautiful Goat’ title, during the Mazayen al-Maaz competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Friday.

via Metro.co.uk

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Straight across trade: 1 wife for 1 goat

wife for goat

A Bulgarian farmer has swapped his wife for a goat – because she couldn’t give him kids. Stoil Panayotov exchanged his third wife with Elena the eight-year-old goat at a livestock market, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The extraordinary deal was concluded in front of a stunned crowd in the market town of Plovdiv, central Bulgaria.

“The day before a friend told me that he has had no luck with women and that he really liked my wife,” says the 54-year-old. “The deal was reached when my wife gave her approval. The goat has given birth to three kids and my wife to none. So this deal was more profitable to the goat owner, I got a second-hand goat and he got a brand new wife.”

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