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Hopefully the gulls aren’t just commenting on his sermons…

More at Gulls force vicar to wear hard hat

A Cornish vicar has resorted to wearing a hard hat to church as protection from dive-bombing seagulls. The seagulls are protecting a chick in the graveyard of St Petroc’s in Bodmin, Cornwall, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The Rev Canon Graham Minors said: “It is a case of mother nature. People are able to walk through the churchyard safely but if you get too close you might be dive-bombed.”

Rev Minors said it would be wrong to move the seagulls and he believes they will calm down once the chick leaves the nest.

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Long Beach, Washington

Long Beach is a pleasant and friendly little tourist oriented town on
the southwest coast of Washington State. Here are a few pictures taken

This near six foot tall walrus statue stands in a small park along the
main street. See the tavern door in the back right? Can you imagine
someone who had one too many coming out of there on a foggy night and
encountering this guy and his friend the octopus (below)?

Six foot mosaic and concrete marker in the center of Longbeach.

The Road to the beach, a quarter mile away, is through this arch. Long Beach is the longest drivable beach in the world with nearly 30 miles of hard sand…when the tide is out. Daring the incoming tide to get you is not a good idea if you like your car. Once bogged down on an incoming tide you are there to stay until the tide goes back out and the  tow truck gets there and runs a cable out to you. Sand and salt water are not good for engines.

Longbeach is located at the place where the Lewis and Clark expedition first saw the Pacific. Here a statue of Lewis and my wife size up each other across a sturgeon.

Surf on the beach That's the Pacific Ocean beyond and in this part of the world it is cold. That and a strong undertow make it completely unsuitable for swimming. Those nearest breakers are about four feet tall and this was a calm day.

Moochers on the beach. The people in this car had been feeding the gulls pieces of bread tossed from the car window. Although the bread was gone some of the gulls were still hanging around hoping for more.

Sunset on the beach. The sunset colors were nearly too subtle to see.

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