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Astromech Halloween pumpkin

“For months I couldn’t figure out what he was doing. It turns out he’s not hugging that pumpkin; he’s carving it. No, that doesn’t even do it justice; he’s sculpting it. And this weekend, he sculpted a whopper of a pumpkin – a fully rendered R2-D2 jack-o’-lantern.”

via Geeking Out For Halloween NPR.

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Annual Colorado naked pumpkin runners… Wait. What?

Boulder police have ticketed about a dozen people running naked on the street while sporting freshly gutted pumpkins on their heads as part of an annual Halloween event…

The event known in Boulder as the Naked Pumpkin Run has been held for 10 years. This year it drew a huge crowd, prompting concern from police. Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner says officers “wanted to do something before the event got out of hand.”

via Naked pumpkin runners

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