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For Sale: One haunted mansion

Ghosts drive millionaire out

Ghost Manor?

Ghost Manor?

A millionaire businessman says ghosts forced him to flee his 52-room Nottinghamshire mansion.

Clifton Hall was bought by Anwar Rashid for £3.6m in 2007, but he has now handed it back to the bank, reports the BBC. Mr Rashid claimed that during the eight months the family lived there they were haunted by mysterious figures and found unexplained blood stains on bedclothes.


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Looking for a vacation spot?


Take one creepy, supposedly haunted five story building built in 1926,  add in a morgue, a “body chute” and  rooms where people once lay dying of tuberculosis, spiff  up  78 or so of the rooms as “guest rooms” and what do you have? Why a destination hotel of course.

Or at least that’s the plan of the current owners of the Waverly Hills Sanitarium where thousands of people died before streptomycin was discovered in 1943—some estimates are as high as 64,000.  Ready to sign up for a reservation?


History of Waverly Hills

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