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For sure!

Oxford University has compiled a list of what they regard as the ten most irritating phrases in common use today. (Wait a couple of years and they will be different.) So, of course, I couldn’t resist trying to use all of them. Here goes:

At the end of the day, while they have done a fairly unique job of it, I, personally, at this moment in time, and with all due respect, absolutely believe that it’s a nightmare that shouldn’t of been done and the fact that it isn’t rocket science and that Oxford took the time to do this will bother me 24/7 .

Ta Da!

Anyway, here’s the list.

1 – At the end of the day

2 – Fairly unique

3 – I personally

4 – At this moment in time

5 – With all due respect

6 – Absolutely

7 – It’s a nightmare

8 – Shouldn’t of

9 – 24/7

10 – It’s not rocket science

via Telegraph

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